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August 9, 2021

Digital Marketing

A Quick Guide to Posting on Social Media for Medical Practices

With online competition at an all-time high, it is imperative that online medical marketing includes social media strategies. Whether you... [ Read More ]

August 5, 2021

Practice Management

Improving Patient Experience With Patient Portal Software

When it comes to improving the online patient experience, implementing patient portal software is one of the easiest ways to... [ Read More ]

July 29, 2021

Digital Marketing

5 Tips for Promoting Your Dental Practice on Instagram

Promoting your practice in today’s digital age often necessitates planning a dental marketing strategy purely for social media. With approximately one... [ Read More ]

July 26, 2021

Practice Management

Crafting Your Patient Satisfaction Survey

A critical element to a successful medical office is the physician/patient relationship. A lack of patient complaints does not always... [ Read More ]

July 22, 2021

Practice Management

Patient Retention: How to Seek Feedback From Patients

One of the smartest ways to improve patient retention is to emphasize your strengths and improve areas of weakness. Getting... [ Read More ]