Patient Reviews

Communication Tools to Gather Patient Feedback

Receiving patient reviews is becoming increasingly important in the currently healthcare industry, with patients turning to online feedback to decide which practice to visit. With our Patient Review tools, your practice can maximize your market presence and improve your online reputation to current and new patients.


Automate Review Emails and Texts for Ease of Use

Automatically send out review requests to patients to provide feedback about their recent experience at your practice. With a quick and convenient review system, your patients will feel like their opinions matter, and your practice can rapidly respond to feedback to highlight that your business puts customers first.


Easily Search for Existing Patients to Learn About Their Experience

Target specific patients by looking them up by name or appointment and asking for their feedback. Enable your staff to focus on specific patients and appointments to ensure that everyone visiting your practice is optimally interacted with.


Give Your Patients 5 Star Experiences

With the feedback gathered from your patients, you can respond to comments, identify what areas of your service you can improve and take decisive actions to deliver the best experience possible.