Content Ignitions Package (CIP's)

Highly Targeted Content Marketing Strategy Solution

Our Content Ignition Packages (CIPs) aim to turn practices into local content kings. With a stream of new targeted blogs over a three to six-month period, there is no better way to demonstrate that your practice is the knowledge leader when it comes to specific services.

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Keywords Specific Blogs

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The Success with CIPs

As seen in the graphs below, the Genius Portal Dashboard demonstrates the success of your campaign with easy-to-use metrics. In addition, every month, you receive monthly performance reports that include Total Clicks, Total Impressions, Average Click-through Rate (CTR), and Average Position for the last six months. Our data analysts study these rates to improve our keyword lists and CIPs accordingly.

Success With CIP

While results can not be guaranteed, we typically see similar results seen in the image below over a six-month CIP. A customer success specialist will also review your CIP’s results during a performance review. The graph below is from a performance review where the customer success specialist outlined the change in impressions after launching a 24-blog CIP. The green line separates the impression from before the CIP was launched to after it was launched. For a second view of the data, please see the second graph, which overlays impressions before and after the CIP was launched.

Success With CIP 2

CIPs Make You an Expert in Targeted Topics

With our keyword-targeted CIPs, your practice sends out online signals that you are an expert when it comes to providing particular services. It also expands your online presence as potential patients can find you through a particular service or treatment. Blogs are routinely posted, making expertise and authority continuous throughout the year.

CIPs Make You an Expert

Local keyword search results before the launch of a 6-month CIP

Performance metrics for CIPs also offer a local visual map of your practice’s reach before and after implementation. These maps compare other doctors in your field by area. For example, the red location markers present how well the keyword TMS Doctor is performing in a particular area before CIPs. In contrast, the green and yellow markers indicate performance after CIPs in the same area for the same keyword.

Local Keyword Search

Improved keyword search results after the launch of a 6-month CIP...

Improved Keyword Search

CIPs Answer Patients Questions Before They Ask Them

We make Google and potential patients satisfied because we constantly work to answer the most frequent questions. Many CIPs are formatted to answer the primary inquiry, with the rest of the blogs designed to cover potential follow-up questions. That way, the CIPs don’t just target the search term but keep the patients on your pages longer by hitting on other questions xthat may arise

CIP Answers Relevant Questions

Fresh and Relevant Content Ranks Best

CIPs intend to provide site visitors with regular content related to your services and targeted keywords. Packages are pre-determined and customized to stay relevant as topics increase in demand by the market.

Fresh and Relevant Content
Become an Authority

Attract Local Patients and Expand Your Network

We deliver effective brand strategies to give your website a major edge in competitive markets online and help gain a network of powerful listings. Our marketing approach involves attracting new patients with a focus on long-term retention.

Attract Local Patients

Content Created for SEO

Search engines use continually-changing algorithms to rank websites with the intent to provide the most relevant and safe information. Algorithms use a number of ranking factors, such as backlinks, relevance, and freshness. We utilize ranking factors to determine how a client remains authoritative, relevant, and trustworthy. We also track keywords and ranking factors to understand what led practices to appear in common searches.

Content Created for SEO