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We went from getting about fifty to sixty new patient calls every month to well over a hundred, I think almost two hundred last month. We're just getting a lot more calls...

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How We Help Your
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Responsive Web Design
Our Team will craft a user-friendly custom website or patients can interact with your business. Your website will mobile-friendly and unique to you - nothing that feels like another stock site in your industry. Your story is unique and your website should be too.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the long-term game of ranking above your competitors. We make you a valuable player in Googles eyes - developing a strategy that gets you at the top search results and then maintain your rankings
Custom Photo and Video Media
We believe in the power of custom photo and video to tell your story not stock photography and videography to showcase you and your business. Creating Compelling visual content for your website. This is one way we help your online presence stand out from the rest
Search Engine Marketing
Increase your website traffic and generate more leads. We’ll create Google ad campaigns that allow your business to be seen where your client-base is searching.

What Our Clients
Are Saying

five star rating

Diamond Head

Dental Care

five star rating
11 Months Ago

Doctor Genius was a game changer for our office, we saw a SIGNIFICANT increase in new patient counts and online search results. We doubled our new patient counts within a few months of starting with Doctor Genius, with half of the credit due to their online optimization and service. Shawn Stiffler has been an excellent guiding force as we ramped up this service and when we decided to upgrade the service after one year with them. Thank you! Krista

five star rating



five star rating
10 Months Ago

I started using Doctor Genius to improve my google presence and increase my monthly number of new patients. They told me it would take 3-4 months to see results. Its been about 2 now that my google presence has been cleaned up and my website is up and running and I am starting to see people come in the door who found us solely on google. We are happy and have now upgraded our package with them.The team is really nice and caring and good with following up and explaining everything to you. Francesco was the first person I worked with and he is wonderful. He really took the time to explain everything. Although it is early in the process, what he said would happen after cleaning up our internet presence is starting to unfold. I have also worked with Brandon, Shawn, Victoria, and Kylie, all of which have been a pleasure to work with.