Dos and Don’ts of CTAs (Calls To Action)

December 23, 2023

You have been working hard on your medical marketing, search engine optimization, and other strategies to get more traffic to your practice’s site. Now, you can just sit back and wait for new patients to roll in. As nice as that scenario sounds, getting more traffic to your site is only part of the battle. Now, you have to turn those new visitors into customers. This is where the call to action comes in.

Don’ts of calls to action

A call to action is an instruction that you add to your website or blog that directs the reader to take some action. This action may be clicking on a link to your website, calling your office, sending you an email, or filling out an online form. The call to action converts a visitor into a lead. There are a variety of common mistakes you should avoid when creating your CTAs. 

Making it hard to notice

Your CTA should stand out from the rest of the content on the page. If you are including a link, avoid using a link color that blends in with the color scheme on your page. Avoid placing your CTA in an obscure part of the page that the reader may not notice. 

Hiding it with images or other text

Your CTA does not have to be in some huge or garish font, but it should at least be the same size as the other text around it and not be hidden by images on your site. 

Writing a confusing description

Your CTA should make it clear what you want the users to do and what will happen if they click the link or call the phone number or otherwise take the action you suggest. 

Including too many CTAs

Too many CTAs in the same content can overwhelm your reader and prevent any single one from standing out. 

Asking for too much commitment

Pushing too hard or too soon to get the reader to do something can be off-putting. For example, avoid immediately asking readers to do something, such as sign up for your newsletter, before they have a chance to find out what your site is about.

Dos of calls to action

Now that you know what to avoid, here are some things you should do with your calls to action.

Create an attention-grabbing design

If you are using a button or graphic to draw attention to your CTA, make sure it is designed to get the customer’s attention.

Place CTAs prominently on the page

Locate your calls to action in places on the page where the reader is sure to see them. 

Make your description clear and compelling

Clearly describe what you want users to do and how you want them to do it and give them a compelling reason. 

Use action-oriented words

Action words, such as “click,” “call,” or “download,” work best for CTAs.

How Doctor Genius can help

The team at Doctor Genius can help you with website design for doctors and content creation that includes CTAs that convert traffic into new patients. Contact our online marketing team today to find out more.

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