5 Questions To Ask About Your Medical Practice’s Website

October 18, 2021

Medical practices of all types have found it beneficial to devote time and resources to website design for doctors. With technology taking center stage in so many homes, appealing to that accessibility is crucial for getting new clients in the door and keeping them coming back. If you are considering an overhaul of your practice’s online presence, these key elements may help guide you toward getting the best possible results by improving your online patient experience.

5 questions to improve your practice webpage

When prospective clients need a new practice, they turn to search engines. These clients peruse search results and clinic webpages and make quick determinations about whether a practice suits them. With this in mind, ask yourself these five questions when reexamining your business’s website.

1. How easy is navigation?

A quick way to turn away prospective clients is to have a website that is impossible to navigate. Popups that block information or a lack of drop-down menus may frustrate those looking for services. Ensure relevant information is easily located, such as office location and phone number. If photographs are too large, it may make it impossible to navigate the site without scrolling too far down the page. People want to move the mouse once or twice to find what they need and not spend time digging.

2. Is the contact information easy to find?

Did your office recently move? Did your phone number or contact email change? Make sure relevant contact information is not only correct but easy to find on the site. When attracting clients, you want to provide them with the most updated information or risk missing the call.

3. Does the site promote key services?

You have mere minutes to grab a new client’s attention. To do this, you want to put the practice’s best foot forward from the get-go. Promote your key services on the front page by creating content that is easy to digest and clear. Short blog posts on relevant services perform this function effectively. 

4. Is the webpage mobile-friendly?

A webpage that does not convert to easy viewing on a smartphone is not ideal. Test the view from both a computer and a mobile device. You may discover that vital information is cut out or distorted, making it difficult to navigate from a phone.

5. Does the information provide help for prospective clients?

You want your page to attract new clients to the practice. Making a page that is interactive, easy to navigate, and visually appealing can do just that. Consider setting up interactive calendars and menus that allow clients to schedule their own appointments or use chat to contact the office. This is appealing to those who are short on time and unable to stay on the phone. Creating more interactive and intuitive experiences can demonstrate how patient-centered the practice is.

Doctor Genius has you covered

If the prospect of revamping your practice’s webpage is daunting, we can help. The team at DG has experience in constructing site architecture for medical practices. Allow us the opportunity to go over some of the available options to maximize your practice’s web presence. Contact us at 1-877-477-2311 and let us walk you through our services.

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