Website Design Tips for a Practice With Multiple Locations

October 21, 2021

If your medical or dental practice has multiple locations, you need to put extra care into its website design to ensure it has good SEO for each location and that it is easy for potential patients to find details about each office. Every city has unique variables to consider, including the competition, so it is important you consider how your practice ranks on search engines for each place. Here are several tips to help get all your locations to the top of the results page.

Should you use one or multiple websites for each location?

Generally, you want to stick with one domain that covers all practice locations. While it used to be common practice to create multiple domains for each city, search engine algorithms have changed. Creating multiple websites creates extra work with little return. Having one centralized spot for all potential patients to visit is ideal for SEO, as you only need to worry about optimizing one website and avoid accidentally competing with your other locations.

How can you include all locations on one site?

For anyone visiting your website, it should be clear that there multiple locations. It should also be simple for potential or current patients to locate contact information, hours, and addresses for each office. However, it is likely that most of the information on your website pertains to each spot, such as the name of the practice, the values and history, and the general services offered. Knowing how to create a seamless website that incorporates both overarching material and specific details for each place improves both SEO and the online patient experience.

Contact page

Having an easy-to-find contact page is an effective way to explain to potential patients how to contact your practice. It is important to include all locations on this page so patients can easily call or find directions to the nearest building. Including expandable Google maps for each place makes it even easier for website visitors to navigate and can boost SEO.

Location-specific landing pages

Creating individual landing pages for each location can be useful for SEO so each area has a unique URL and can be optimized uniquely. These pages should include the city in the page’s H1 header, title tag, alternative image tags, and keywords. There should be at least 300 to 500 words on the page with contact information. Including these landing pages in the main navigation menu is both useful for geo-targeting SEO and usability.

These individual pages also allow you the opportunity to let patients know about any unique details about each location. For instance, if there are limited or expanded services at any of the buildings, you can make these details clear to avoid confusing potential patients. You can also include office pictures for each location and list what providers work there.

Build the website of your dreams

At Doctor Genius, we understand what goes into an effective website design for doctors. From creating a responsive, SEO-friendly website that visitors can navigate with ease to setting you up with a hosting package after it is live, we can partner with you in creating the website you have always dreamed of. Call us at 1-877-477-2311 to learn more about what we offer.

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