Major Signs That Your Medical Practice’s Website Needs an Update

October 28, 2021

Medical SEO has become a huge part of any practice’s online presence and appeal. Incorporating SEO tactics into your website allows search engines like Google to find your content and direct more users to your site. Unfortunately, too many medical offices allow websites to fall out of date, leading to poor SEO and a decrease in site traffic.

Top signs your site is out of date

Keeping an energized online marketing strategy up and running can be difficult. There are many ways a website can become out of touch with current internet trends and SEO for doctors. These are the top signs that your website needs an update.

Outdated content

Fresh content, updated information, and new ideas are all prized by search engines and online visitors. A website that is regularly publishing new blog posts or adding additional help pages has a greater chance of being noticed by the online community. The more content you create, the more engagement your site will receive. Search engines boost sites with new content and increased engagement when ranking search results. If you have not posted anything new in a while or the information you have presented is no longer relevant, consider brainstorming ideas for fresh content.

A high bounce rate

A bounce rate measures the number of visitors who leave your site after only looking at a single page. You want visitors to explore more of your site, as that can lead to connectivity and new patients for your practice. You can check your site’s bounce rate on Google Analytics or another analytic source to discover how much traffic is exiting after just one glance. A good bounce rate is anything below 40%, while anything higher indicates room for improvement. Publishing additional content and updating design can help lower your bounce rate.  

An unresponsive format  

successfully responsive website is able to change from a desktop browser to a tablet or mobile browser without any issues with formatting. Most people go online on a mobile device, so if your site does not translate well or does not work correctly on the mobile format, you are much more likely to lose visitors quickly. Making sure that your site is easy to navigate and functions properly on any device is imperative for SEO.

Old aesthetics

The appearance of your website matters. Most online users have browsed thousands of sites, and they know what an updated site looks like. Any site that has outdated or old aesthetics shows that the owner is not up to date on current trends or simply does not care about the site. Avoid sending this message by creating a clean, elegant site that has plenty of menus for easy navigation and a smooth user experience.

Improve your website in every way

Website design for doctors is not always easy. After all, you decided to open a practice because of your interests in the medical field, not digital content creation. Take advantage of our SEO and marketing services to get your site back on track. Contact us for more information on updating your site.

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