Anatomy of a Successful Medical Blog

November 01, 2021

Incorporating a blog into any medical practice is a great way to attract new patients and increase traffic to a website. Today’s digital world can be incredibly competitive, with numerous medical sites looking to gain patients online ahead of the competition. To compete, you need a blog that actively engages readers and sets you apart from other practices.

Boost your blog game

SEO for doctors and medical branding does not necessarily require a blog, but including one on your site can make your practice stand out. Considering keywords, titles, sources, and calls to action, as well as length and tone, are all aspects that great blogs focus on. If you are struggling with content ideas or are unclear about what makes a good-quality blog, think about these factors for strengthening your blogging skills.

Appropriate keywords

SEO should always be in the back of your mind, especially when it comes to content marketing. Keywords or key phrases are a specific set of words that allow a search engine to identify your content when someone types similar keywords into the search bar. Research keywords that patients are likely to search for and incorporate them into your blog posts.

Intriguing titles

Catchy titles are a huge part of what grabs a reader. Think about topics that answer questions patients may have about your practice or about your medical field. Make one question the main focus of your blog post and create a title that is engaging and intriguing. You can post the question directly in the title, but make sure it is not too long. Include the keyword in your title for an extra boost in SEO.

Credible sources

As readers become familiar with your blog, they may come to have certain expectations of the quality of your sources and content. Set that bar high by always providing reliable sources. If readers discover you are using untrustworthy sources, you could lose traffic.

Quality content

Quality matters over quantity. While posting regularly is always recommended, it should never compromise quality. The only way you can build traffic with your blog is by creating content that new readers want to return to again and again.

Precise calls to action

Wrap up each blog with a call to action. This quick snippet encourages the reader to take action after reading your blog post. A common call to action is suggesting that the reader reach out to your practice for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Perfect length

There is no one-size-fits-all blog post length. However, sometimes less is more. Getting to the point quickly can keep your readers engaged and allow skimming, as the attention span of an online user is incredibly short. Instead of using large paragraphs, allow plenty of white space to make readability easier and faster.

Create a quality blog

Content marketing for doctors is no easy feat, but it is necessary to compete with other practices online. Reach out to Doctor Genius to discover more creative ways to develop a successful blog. We can guide you through the entire process, all the way from topic generation to blog publication.

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