Organic Reach on Social Media: Why Is It So Low and What Can You Do About It?

October 14, 2021

Whether your practice is on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, you have probably noticed the option to pay for ads. By “boosting” a post, you can reach a target audience outside your web of current followers. The downside is that you have to pay for every boosted post.

This has led many to wonder if the alternative option to advertising — simply reaching a larger audience through organic growth — is no longer relevant. Without paying for more views, you may only reach the number of people who already follow you, and even among this group the odds of a new post being seen is limited. For practices and businesses that depend on attracting new patients through social media marketing, this can be frustrating.

What you can do

While on the decline, organic marketing is not dead. In fact, you can use online patient marketing to find a larger audience without paying for ads, so long as you understand how to strengthen your organic reach. By practicing the following tips, you can use social media algorithms to promote your content for you.

Create engaging content

Social media for doctors is all about engagement. Content that is engaging is more likely to be seen by more people. That popularity attracts the attention of social media algorithms, which then promote your content on the news feeds of a greater audience. Creating content that users want to share, click on, or participate with increases your chances of being seen.

Find the right platforms

Not everyone is on every social media platform out there. The patients you are aiming to find might prefer Twitter over Pinterest or Facebook over Instagram. Discover where your audience spends most of its time by creating a poll or survey, asking directly through email, and researching where competitors are posting. By narrowing down the social media pool, you can focus your resources on the platforms that can get you the most attention.

Brainstorm lasting content

To optimize your efforts on social media, always try to think of ideas that will remain relevant in your field for years to come. Every post eventually fades into obscurity in the vast abyss of the internet, but you can keep it resurfacing by discussing topics that answer common questions or solve continual problems. Experiment with posts using different tones and styles, such as humor and education, that are entertaining to read and on topics readers want to know about.

Establish a solid profile

Profiles are just as important as posts on any platform. If a patient likes one of your posts, they may continue onto your profile for more information about your practice. Create an intriguing, engaging profile with a recognizable logo, descriptions filled with keywords, and useful information, such as business hours, locations, and phone numbers. Making a profile that is easy to navigate allows visitors to find information quickly, potentially bringing a new patient to your digital doorstep.  

Learn more about organic reach

Optimizing your organic reach does not need to be overwhelming. Doctor Genius can help increase your knowledge of online marketing and establish a strong social media presence. Contact us to discover what our services can do for your practice.

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