Nicole Turley

December 19, 2023

Doctor Genius PX Scheduler: a mutually beneficial solution for both doctor and patient

December 19, 2023

The PX Scheduler is a key solution of the Doctor Genius Patient Experience Suite. It offers a simple and user-friendly way for medical and dental practices to save time, effort, and money. This solution does all that while improving patient experience—even as a practice grows and takes on an increasing number of new patients.

Now more than ever, patients need the ease and convenience of online scheduling, especially when it comes to booking their healthcare appointments. At the same time, growing medical and dental practices must work efficiently to serve more patients while not sacrificing quality customer service and patient care.

Offering online scheduling is essential to meeting the challenge of continuing to provide exceptional service to a growing number of patients. The PX Scheduler is an online scheduler that meets both these needs while being easy to use and backed by Doctor Genius’s top-tier customer support.

Today’s patients prefer online scheduling

Scheduling an appointment the “old-fashioned” way does not work well for many modern consumers. We live in a digital age where many prefer to do everything online without having to call in and wait on hold or for a business to be open. In fact, key findings of a recent study by GetApp showed that 59% of respondents were frustrated with waiting on hold and inconvenient office hours when scheduling appointments by phone.

This same study found that 94% of respondents would choose a new service provider if they offered online bookings. Finally, respondents said they would prefer to schedule medical appointments online more than any other service. Therefore, the ability for patients to schedule on their own terms is increasingly becoming a greatly desired service for healthcare practices. Those who do not keep up with the evolving needs of patients could get left behind.

Why practices need online scheduling

Practices not only run the risk of losing a significant number of new and existing patients by not offering online scheduling but also lose out on a prime opportunity to reduce the workload for themselves and their staff. Workers in all areas of healthcare are busy and can often feel overworked. A poll by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) asked healthcare leaders, “Has your level of stress and/or burnout changed in 2022?” The majority—80%—said it had increased. Of that 80%, the most commonly cited reason for this burnout was staffing issues, which often resulted in an increased workload.

Online scheduling offers an effective and practical way to relieve a significant amount of this workload. Medical office staff can spend hours on the phone each week scheduling and rescheduling appointments. The time spent handling scheduling is time these workers can spend on addressing emergencies and other essential needs of the patients and practice.

The PX Scheduler 

The PX Scheduler is a convenient and intuitive solution that saves both practice and patient time and energy. It is integrated with the practice management software (PMS) schedule and allows patients to make and reschedule appointments seamlessly. This solution prioritizes upcoming availability within a practice’s PMS calendar to fill empty time slots. Patients can use the PX Scheduler from their phone, tablet, or computer at any time of day and see a provider’s current availability. 

The PX Scheduler is a customizable solution that addresses the needs of both patients and practices. In addition to providing the much-needed convenience and time-saving benefits of online scheduling, the PX Scheduling solution is user-friendly for both patient and practice staff. Along with this simple-to-use interface, PX Scheduler is backed by the top-tier customer support clients have come to expect from Doctor Genius.

How patients benefit

Patients have 24-hour access to this simple and easy-to-use scheduler that puts the process in their hands. Modern lives are busy and often overscheduled, and patients need tools that allow them to schedule their healthcare appointments anytime from anywhere. This is why the PX Scheduler is designed for ease of use on any device, including mobile phones. This level of convenience is especially valuable to busy moms so often in charge of scheduling the family’s healthcare appointments on top of a full-time job and other household responsibilities.

The PX Scheduler offers another key, albeit indirect, benefit. In addition to convenience and quality care, patients desire friendly customer service that is not rushed. This solution enables staff to dedicate more time to providing patients with personalized one-on-one customer service over the phone and in person.

How the practice benefits

Online scheduling contributes to a positive first impression. Since online scheduling is becoming an increasingly desired feature, patients seek out practices that provide this option. When practices take a proactive approach to meeting patients’ needs, the result is more new patients who are likely to become returning patients. Furthermore, because these patients are satisfied with their service, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend a provider to others.

Along with improving patient satisfaction, online scheduling saves practices time, effort, and money. Online booking can lead to fewer gaps in a provider’s schedule. The PX Scheduler prioritizes filling these available slots that would otherwise be lost revenue. 

Reducing and streamlining the staff’s workload can lead to satisfied staff who can work more efficiently and make fewer errors. In addition, staff is less stressed and less likely to burn out thanks to the reduction in their workload. Staff can rededicate their mental efforts to other areas of the practice and spend more quality time connecting with patients.

Convenience, efficiency, and patient satisfaction

The PX Scheduler helps to facilitate a positive and efficient experience for patients and providers. This simple and practical solution allows practices to save time and resources while improving the satisfaction of their patients. To learn more details about the PX Scheduler and other tools to help you enhance the success of your growing practice, talk to one of our knowledgeable representatives today. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to learn how to use the PX Scheduler?

The PX Scheduler is intuitive and user-friendly for both patients and practice staff. For office staff, it is simple to learn and easy to navigate. In addition, our representatives will instruct staff on how to set up and use the scheduler. We are also available to answer any questions throughout the process and assist providers with all the technical elements.

What key features does the PX Scheduler offer?

The PX Scheduler is available for patients to access through the provider’s website 24 hours a day. Patients can see current calendar availability when requesting a new appointment or rescheduling an existing one. Staff can easily manage these requests through the PX Dashboard. In addition, existing patients can schedule new appointments directly into the practice management software’s calendar. 

How does the scheduler work on the patient’s interface?

It is possible to customize the request appointment feature based on the needs of the practice. Typically, patients can select the request appointment option on the practice website. Usually, this is positioned near information such as phone number, address, and office hours. A form opens up where the patient can enter their name, phone number, and email. The patient will also be able to select the provider and service and attach any additional notes. Below these fields is a section that allows the patient to select their desired appointment date and make a request based on the openings for that day.

Will patients be allowed to schedule directly into the PMS calendar?

The ability to schedule directly into the PMS calendar is not available for all situations. All patients will be able to see current openings. However, only existing patients requesting new appointments will be able to book directly into the PMS calendar. All other requests will need to be approved by the office staff. 

How can patients reschedule appointments?

Patients receive a reminder with details about their upcoming appointments. At this point, they have the option of confirming, canceling, or rescheduling the appointment. If they choose to reschedule, they will be prompted to select the new date and time. Then, they will submit the new request to be approved by the office staff.  

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