Jasmyne O’Neal

October 31, 2023

Genius Series: Production

October 31, 2023

Doctor Genius prides itself on providing top-notch services for our clients. This includes creating high-quality websites filled with heavily researched, data-driven content built to attract traffic. This is only possible with our production team, who work hard behind the scenes to provide a suite of services to each client, ensuring they are front and center in this digital age.

About the Production Team

The Production team has a ripple effect across the entire company, touching each department. Production is split into web development and fulfillment, led by Jon De Dios and Danny Kim, respectively. While each team has its own tasks and responsibilities, in their own words, they both have the ultimate goal of “providing the client with a search presence well in excess of their expectations.”

The team provides a wide range of services that many may not realize at face value, including:

  • Analytics and tracking
  • Content development
  • IT
  • SEO
  • Social media management
  • Video production
  • Website optimization
  • Website security

Website development team

Led by De Dios, the website development team handles creating, customizing, and updating our client’s websites. They will craft a website for each client from the ground up, ensuring a high-quality and fully optimized product that represents the business’s aesthetic and guidelines. However, launching a site is a lengthy process that De Dios was able to break down into six main stages:

  1. Staging. The team creates the technical infrastructure required to host the client’s site.
  2. SEO Install. The team creates the site’s architecture and employs the content and SEO.
  3. Transform and plus. The team migrates any necessary content from the client’s old website and adds specific customization requests. 
  4. Proofing. They send the site to our quality check (QC) team for accuracy. If the team finds errors, they move it into corrections.
  5. Corrections. The team will correct any errors and return to QC for confirmation.
  6. Showcase. The team will then present the site to the client for review. They can request revisions; if not, we will launch the website.


After they launch a site successfully, it goes live and becomes visible to anyone on the internet. Our services do not stop here. The production team ensures the site’s backend is running smoothly, preventing disruptions while our fulfillment team steps in to keep the site active throughout the year.

Fulfillment team

“We pride ourselves on providing clients with quality content to achieve success.”

-Danny Kim

The fulfillment team primarily focuses on monthly content deliverables to our clients, separated into silver, gold, platinum, and diamond packages. They will ensure the blogs, Content Ignition Packages (CIPS), social media content, and videos are curated to ensure Doctor Genius clients stay fully engaged with their clientele and community.

A small breakdown will show that fulfillment delivers around 1200 blogs monthly to our clients, all manufactured to target keywords, effectively improving SEO. Content ignition packages can also help, employing roughly 12,000 keywords to a client’s site and 120 additional internal links. These alone help increase the site’s credibility on search engines such as Google, ultimately keeping them visible when a keyword is typed in. Naturally, search engine visibility increases website traffic and phone calls to our client’s business or practice. Furthermore, they will also deliver videos and social media content for platforms such as Facebook, “X” (formerly Twitter), and Google Business Manager to help ensure our client’s reach has no bounds.

The production team’s recent wins

Over the past year, the production team delivered websites and additional content to our clients faster than ever. From trying and incorporating new software such as Agile to cross-training members, the production team has surpassed expectations for the company and clients, delivering content 50% faster than the previous year. They have effectively reduced the number of corrections a website will need by 19%, and according to De Dios, they “can confidently handle multiple orders without disruption to our production team’s workflow.”

Production team goals

The production team has some exciting goals for 2024, four to be specific. First, they would like to increase web administration training across the entire production team. Cross-training will hopefully mitigate “bottlenecks” within the company and increase the speed at which we can deliver content to our clients.

Secondly, we want to increase non-dental content ignition packages. While we will always treasure our dental clients, more and more healthcare professionals are seeing the power Doctor Genius holds. Therefore, we would like to deliver the same quality content to help them in the digital space.

Thirdly, there is a fun goal they would like to reintroduce: hackathons. Hackathons allow production engineers to flex their skills and show off their creativity to improve Doctor Genius’ frameworks. Lastly, they would like to integrate more PODS into the production system. With this feature, they aim to eliminate additional “bottlenecks” that could be slowing down the production process and the process of other departments across the company.

Learn more

Doctor Genius, as a whole, is dedicated to taking your company to unimaginable heights in the digital space. We aim to provide medical companies with quality content for their websites so they can continue to focus on improving the life quality of individuals in their communities. Our production team makes it easy for us to do so. To learn more about how we can help you strengthen your online presence and captivate your audience, request a free demo here.

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