Dental Practices: Defining Your Online Target Market

October 12, 2023

One critical component to dental practice growth is effective online dental marketing. Creating a strong marketing campaign can hinge on defining and understanding your target market, according to This is the specific group of people most likely to be interested in and respond to your advertisements. Because you are already spending time and money marketing to patients online, get a better return on your investment by making the campaign as impactful as possible to your intended audience. Here are some ways to help identify this market.

Your online target market defined

There are a few characteristics your target market is likely to have in common. Identifying both your target market and these characteristics can help you design a strategic marketing campaign. 

Gather information on current patients and followers on social media

Those most likely to be enticed by one of your ads or follow you on social media are current patients. You can use online programs like Google Analytics to pinpoint a variety of demographic information about your social media followers. Organizing the following data can allow you to create a profile of your target audience:

  • Age: This can be a range, rather than a specific number.
  • Location: Are most of your followers local, or do many of them come from surrounding areas?
  • Language: It is important to not assume anything about your patients.
  • Spending power: Are your services in the price range of your target market?
  • Interests: What does your target audience enjoy spending time and money on?
  • Stage of life: Is your target audience mostly college students or retirees? 

Understanding this information is critical to identifying your target market.

Find out what forms of social media your audience is on and why

To define your online target market, learning about their social media habits is key. There are a variety of social media platforms, and each has unique functions that appeal to different people. If the majority of your target audience uses Twitter, your campaign should not look the same as it would if most of them using Facebook. Should you use short, trendy phrases and bright colors, or more emotive words and pastel colors? Dialing in on the social media preferences of your target market can help you decide. 

This information also tells you where to allocate more of your marketing fund. Are most of your target audience members using social media? If so, you may want to spend more in that area than you would if the bulk of your target market still got their information primarily from television or radio ads.

Create more effective marketing campaigns

Few products or services are able to appeal to everyone and knowing your intended audience can allow you to design more targeted ad campaigns. The team at Doctor Genius understands content marketing for dentists and the crucial role it plays in practice growth. That is why we offer content marketing in addition to services such as digital advertising and hosting solutions. Talk to a trained team member today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a better return on your marketing investment. Make the time and energy you spend on marketing worth more.

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