Morgan Hasseltine

December 01, 2023

The Importance of Website Maintenance

December 01, 2023

Regular website maintenance is a crucial component to attracting potential patients and improving brand image to ensure your practice’s success. Practice owners may believe that website development is complete once the website is up and running. In reality, regularly updating and maintaining your website is key to ensuring your site runs smoothly and successfully. There are multiple reasons why website maintenance is important to your practice’s success, such as increased website security, smooth customer experience, and increased search engine optimization through content updates. Here at Doctor Genius, our team ensures that your website is regularly updated and maintained to bring your practice successful results.

Regular Content Updates

Regular content updates on your website provide multiple benefits to your practice’s overall success. Content such as blog posts and overall usage of optimal keywords will improve your search engine optimization. Higher rankings on search engines lead to more traffic on your website, ultimately leading to higher patient acquisition. Our team analyzes your practice’s needs and consumer markets to create a range of keywords specific to your practice. At Doctor Genius, we regularly provide custom website content optimized for your practice’s website and targeted consumers.

Regularly adding additional content to your website will not only increase your SEO but also provide valuable information to your patients. Uploading informational blogs and other forms of content provides patients with important information regarding your practice and what they may expect when interested in your services. 

Maintaining Website Security

Doctor Genius maintains your website through regular content updates while also keeping your website secure and protected. When creating a website, there is always a risk of hackers and security gaps. Regular security software updates and bug checks keep your website free from hackers. Doctor Genius ensures that your website is up-to-date and compatible with web browsers through regular maintenance. 

Improving Patient Experience

Website maintenance improves multiple components of your website, many of which help to keep an optimal user experience. A well-developed website brings in new leads and helps to increase your practice’s conversion rates. When patients visit your website, it is important to have a smooth experience across the pages. Doctor Genius performs regular maintenance to ensure your website is functioning properly for potential patients. Common maintenance tasks may include:

  1. Page loading errors: Page loading errors can occur for a multitude of reasons, such as poor internet connection or an issue on the backend of your website. Regular maintenance keeps all of your website pages running smoothly. 
  2. Broken links: A broken link is when a hyperlink brings you to a page that does not exist. Broken links can be avoided by regularly updating and checking links to ensure website visitors are directed to the correct pages or resources. 
  3. Information updates: Your practice will likely undergo various changes, such as phone number changes, staff additions, etc. It is important to regularly update your website when these changes occur so visitors have an accurate understanding of your practice.

Improve Brand Image

In many ways, your website is the face of your practice to patients finding your services online. An up-to-date, well-performing website increases the likelihood that a patient will take your practice seriously and consider choosing your services. Regular website maintenance ensures that your website displays accurate and current information while running properly with no errors.

Maintaining a well-performing website builds a positive brand image and shows online traffic that a practice cares about its patients. Conversely, a poorly running website with little to no important information is more likely to steer traffic away from your website. Doctor Genius keeps your website running properly while displaying all relevant information your patients may need. Building trust with your patients through brand image is a great way to establish valuable relationships.

How Doctor Genius Can Help

Regular website maintenance is a key component to your practice’s continued success. Regular maintenance is a must, from bringing in more traffic to keeping your patients informed and updated. Monitoring your website’s performance keeps both you and your patients happy and satisfied and, therefore, should not be ignored. 

At Doctor Genius, our team takes the stress off your hands and keeps your website up and running at full capacity. Contact us today for more information on how Doctor Genius can improve and maintain your website. 

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