Nick Adams

January 09, 2018

Start The New Year Off Right Part II: Constant Evolution

January 09, 2018

A medical professional can acquire and build a website with all of the necessary information, forms and contact abilities to help bring in more patients. In the beginning, things seem to work out and the website attracts more patients. Over time, less and less new patients contact the practice. Looking online, the professional finds that the website is broken on certain pages and does not appear in the first few pages of most Google searches. This professional needs a company like Doctor Genius to provide constant maintenance for any issues.

Constant maintenance

In order for a website to run smoothly, there needs to be constant maintenance from a skilled professional. At Doctor Genius, we have a team of professionals who can provide the necessary website maintenance to help our clients receive the benefits of a website for their practice. If there is ever an issue with the website, we have professionals available to help fix it.

We also continue to help monitor other mechanisms within the website and ensure that they are running properly. One of the main functions of a website is to bring in new patients. While a website can offer patients a system for scheduling an appointment online, many offer an office phone number for the patient to contact the practice. However, a call tracking system can help keep track of what is working and what is not.

According to Invoca, 65 percent of people prefer to contact a business by phone as opposed to the 24 percent who prefer to fill out a form online.

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Call tracking system

Professionals may not realize that the importance of a call tracking system. A call tracking system can help to analyze all marketing efforts of a website and determine which are the most effective. At Doctor Genius, we can help determine what is bringing in new patients and what is not. We can then change the website for these needs.

For instance, Invoca states that 73 percent of marketers prefer to feature phone numbers in marketing emails if they can effectively track the data. While texting is a more common form of communication in other situations, people want to be able to speak with a professional representative about the available services. At Doctor Genius, we can track if the emails with a phone number are effective or if the social media page is the source of new patients calling in.

With our call tracking system, other services and website maintenance, we can help you reach new patients in an effective manner while also help with patient retention. If you are interested in building a website for your practice or updating your current one, do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Doctor Genius

At Doctor Genius, we work with clients to expand their private practice by helping them reach, engage and convert consumers into new patients. By offering high-end web marketing services to medical and health professionals throughout the United States, we help clients gain more profit and build trustworthy relationships with patients to initiate sustainable practice growth.

We construct a website for your practice, establish an active online presence, build and constantly update social media profiles, help you build stronger connections with patients, streamline the appointment scheduling process, funnel traffic from search engines directly to your practice website and much more. To begin the process of increasing the success and presence of your practice, give us a call at 877-477-2311.

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