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What Our Clients Are Saying!
Dental Specialies
Justine Schepis

I started using Doctor Genius to improve my Google presence and increase my monthly number of new patients. They told me it would take 3-4 months to see results. It’s been about 2 now that my Google presence has been cleaned up and my website is up and running and I am starting to see people come in the door who found us solely on Google.

Amberly Money
Amberly Money

Our practice has worked with Doctor Genius for a few years now. Francesco and team have gone above and beyond to make sure that we are always top on the list for “Dentist” in our area. We started as a brand new practice in 2009 and now have a full clientele of patients with our first available hygiene appointment for six months out. Our biggest referrals are online. Thank you Francesco and Doctor Genius for your hard work and many years of working together!

Baylee Michaels
Baylee Michaels

Until working with this company, you would have never heard me say that I enjoyed speaking with a customer service rep. Without fail every person I have spoken with on this team has been so kind to me. I spoke with a lady by the name of Victoria Tegeler the other day and she was so patient with me as she answered all of my questions and concerns. With this company I have never been in the dark. They send me weekly updates as well as have a portal for me to track everything that they do to see how well their services are working for us. I'd give them a 7 star rating if I could!

Amir Saz
Amir Saz

We signed up with DG at the Anaheim Dental Convention. I had worked with 2 other companies previously and in my opinion did not get honest work or any decent results. We were a new office in the area on page 26 or 27 of Google and had moved up some but still invisible. But now we are more visible in a very competitive area in the country and starting to get some calls. I am quite happy so far. I have been working with Shawn and Kylie , two knowledgeable and fine individuals to work with. Thank you guys.

Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee DDS

Working with Dental Genius has been great. They helped us create a new website for our office and continuously create blogs for updated content. They have improved our office's online visibility. The Dental Genius Portal is a great tool not only to keep track on how many new patient phone calls we receive, but also to keep track on our online presence.

Nancy Lee
John Noyes

Doctor Genius hands down has given me the best results out of any of the 5 other website companies I have used. I am actually getting significant patient calls in the 3 months I have been with them. The staff is friendly and helpful. And you can actually reach them when you have a question. You should start using this company over the rest.

Southampton Dental Care
Southampton Dental Care

Doctor Genius is the best resource for your online presence and marketing. Very user friendly and great feedback on all the data for Doctors and Staff to check out. The staff have been really amazing and helpful. From the very beginning with Francesco setting everything up and web chats with Shanyn and Kylie to go over the website design and dashboard access. All of them really keep up with you and make sure you are taken care of and happy. Doctor Genius really made everything personalized to my liking!

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