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We created 3 individual packages that will take your practice to the next level. Our tiers have unique plan features to meet your practice needs.

Silver Plan
The Starter Package
New Patients
Gold Plan
Boost Your Online Presence
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Platinum Plan
Maximize Your Practice Potential
New Patients
*Estimated new patients vary by industry, location, and population.

"Doctor Genius is a wonderful practice builder. I had some bad experiences with SEO companies in the past, paying for poor results. The tools DG offers and tracking reports assures me that I am getting bang for my buck."
- Peter G

"Recently switched to Doctor Genius and have to say they are great! My patient calls have increased dramatically as well as my new patients. Nice professional web site! "
- Bruce Thomas

"Dental Genius has amazing customer service and the return-on-investment is on point! We have used their services for almost a year, and last month we received 22 new patients."
- Kristina Rivers

Featured Services

Get the information you need about our service and see how our performance is an easy-to-use platform. Every Doctor Genius plan comes with access to our data platform.

Responsive Design
Review Management
Boost Ranking
Hyper-Local Targeting
Social Media
Patient Inquiry Tracking
Call Tracking