Nick Adams

January 04, 2018

Start The New Year Off Right Part I: A Functioning Website For Your Practice

January 04, 2018

While it is fairly easy for a medical practice to have a website, it is an entirely different matter when it comes to maintenance and ensuring the website is functioning properly. Fortunately, the team at Doctor Genius can underscore your skills and expertise with our website framework effectively. We can also help to provide maintenance and ensure that your website is functioning properly. The first step is to ensure we customize the website to your desires.

Finding an effective structure for your content

It is important to have quality information on a page that breaks down a professional’s practice. However, it is also important to have a website that functions properly in attracting new patients. The call to action, CTA, is one example of a tool that helps draw patients into the service from the website. The other benefit of a CTA is that it can be more than a simple “Call Now” message.

People can customize or personalize a CTA to promote specific products and services. At Doctor Genius, we can help do just that by customizing the CTA for patients, depending on the practice. Out of 93,000 CTAs, states that targeted CTAs convert 42 percent more visitors than untargeted CTAs. Along with the call to action, we can also help to customize the website to your requests.

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Build your website

At Doctor Genius, we can customize the color, logo and overall style of a website to your needs. By working with our Support Team, you will be able to go over all functions of your website and any potential designs. It is important to note that while you can customize your website, there will be specific tools and structures that we implement for the overall functionality of the website. found that placing an anchor text CTA on a page, increased the view-to-lead conversion rate of website visitors by 121 percent.

We can identify the key location for a CTA and the other page content. An example of a smart CTA is to highlight a specific medical service or special on the page with similar content, such as a CTA about investing in dental implants on a dental implants page. Another example is highlighting a CTA with a deal for teeth whitening on a teeth whitening page. We can also provide slider images and text on the homepage based on your services and desires.

Since setting up an effective website can take some time, do not hesitate to give us a call for more information or to schedule a consultation. Start off the New Year right with a fully functional and customized website today.

Doctor Genius

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