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June 06, 2024

Caller IQ Walkthrough From the Doctor Genius Portal

June 06, 2024

Doctor Genius released Caller IQ at the beginning of 2024, providing clients with invaluable insights and analytics of their patient calls to help increase booked appointments and improve the quality of customer service by front-end teams. When clients opt into Caller IQ, they will automatically see the Monthly and Real-Time Caller IQ icons added to their DG Portal Dashboard under the Reporting Tab. To help you get the most out of this artificial intelligence-powered tool, take a walk through the Caller IQ icons, features, and reports and what you can expect to find in each.

Navigating Caller IQ

Reporting Tab

Caller IQ allows clients to monitor and analyze incoming calls, providing a comprehensive view of call activity, conversions, and patient behavior. Patients can access this product through the DG Portal Dashboard under the Reporting Tab. There, clients can find the following icons: Caller IQ (Monthly) and Caller IQ (Real-Time). Dive into these icons below.

Caller IQ (Monthly)

Caller IQ (Monthly)

By clicking on the Caller IQ (Monthly) Icon, clients can access a Caller IQ Report with three sections:


Filter ViewAt the top of the Caller IQ Report is a Filter view feature option. Here, clients can select a time range for which to generate reports. By default, the time range is set to the past year.


After setting  the Filter view, the client will see a graph displaying the following during that time range:

  • Total Analyzed Calls. The number of total calls that have come into the practice and, thus, been analyzed by Caller IQ artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Leads. The number of unique prospective patients who, for this graph, have called the practice.
  • Conversions. The number of prospective patients (leads) who followed through and booked an appointment.
  • Missed Opportunities. The number of leads who did not convert into patients.

Each of these data points gives the client an idea of how well their front-end team is doing overall. The client then has the option to access detailed information through the next section: Reports.


Underneath the graph is a grid displaying Caller IQ Reports for several months. Clients can see each report’s date and time, which month it is for, and the Total Analyzed Calls, Leads, Conversions, and Missed Opportunities for that month.

Clients can click “View” to access the full Caller IQ Monthly Report for any of the months listed.

Caller IQ Monthly Report

Summary for Caller IQ

This section sits at the top of every Monthly Caller IQ Report. Here, clients can confirm the practice and website (such as if they have multiple locations and websites), as well as the Total Analyzed Calls, Leads, Conversions, and Missed Opportunities for that specific time period.

Champion Calls

Champion CallsThis feature displays the “Calls with High Sales Skills and High Lead Scores,” meaning calls in which the front-end team was highly successful and why. Caller IQ determines which calls are considered Champion Calls by analyzing each one against various performance metrics. The three highest-scoring calls will be displayed in this section.

Clients can click “View” to see the Call Details Page for each Champion Call.

Coachable Calls

Coachable CallsCaller IQ also displays the three lowest-scoring calls under the Coachable Calls feature. These are “Calls with High Missed Opportunity and Low Agent Politeness,” which detail how the front-end teams may enhance the patient experience through better customer service.

Clients can click “View” to see the Call Details Page for each Coachable Call.

Call Indicators

Call IndicatorsThe next section of the report provides a graph of Call Indicators that the AI uses to analyze the practice’s calls. Next to the graph are lists of the most and least commonly used Indicators. Examples include how polite the agent was and if the call ended with a thank you.

Call Indicator Breakdown

Call Indicator BreakdownThe report ends with a breakdown of Call Indicators. There are two types, basic and composite. Caller IQ has dozens of Basic Indicators, including Agent Politeness (how polite the agent was), Ask for Business (the agent asking the caller to book an appointment or to buy a service), and Take Ownership (the agent handling the caller’s request successfully).

A Composite Indicator is a collection of Basic Indicators. These include:

Sales Skills

Determined by Basic Indicators such as mentioning Company Name and Agent Name, as well as meeting the criteria for Agent Politeness, Ask for Business, Determine Needs, and more.

Lead Score

Determined by whether the agent asked for the caller’s name, phone number, email, and address, as well as met the criteria for a few other Basic Indicators.

The Call Indicator Breakdown notes the Indicator, how many Analyzed Calls it appeared in, and whether it was successful (under “Hits”) or a failure (under “Misses”).

Caller IQ (Real-Time)

Caller IQ (Real-Time)


Just like with the monthly view, the Real-Time Caller IQ Report has a Filter view feature option at the top. The default setting is the past month. Clients can select different timeframes to alter the information displayed throughout the report.

Call Indicators

The graph on the Real-Time Caller IQ Report is the Call Indicators graph, which reveals the Most Common Indicators and the Least Common Indicators found in the practice’s calls. This is the same as the Call Indicators feature in the monthly reports; the only difference is the timeframe.

Analytics Summary

The Analytics Summary on the Real-Time Caller IQ Report provides advanced metrics on call activity, including average call duration, call volume, and conversion rates. This data can help improve call center performance, optimize marketing campaigns, and identify areas for improvement. 

Champion Calls

The Champion Calls feature highlights the practice’s most successful calls during the selected timeframe. As determined by AI, each call will have a score for Sales Skills and Lead Score. 

To view the Call Details Page for each Champion Call, click “View” under the Action tab.

Coachable Calls

The Coachable Calls feature shows which calls the AI ranked least successful and why. The main Call Indicators used to determine these scores are Missed Opportunities and Agent Politeness. 

To find the Call Details Page for a Coachable Call, click “View” under the Action tab.

Call Details Page

Call Details PageFor both a Champion or Coachable Call, the Call Details Page will have two main sections as follows.

Call Details

This section reveals:

  • Call Information. Including the call time, caller, and call recipient. 
  • Recording. A full recording of the call.
  • Call Transcript. A written transcript of the entire call.
  • Summary. A short call summary.

Scorecard and Indicators

This first box in this section displays the call’s Overall Score, which the AI determines by how many positive Indicators were found in the call. The box to the right displays how many Basic Indicators the call hits, listing each one; the next box does the same for missed Basic Indicators. Composite and Classifier Indicator hits are shown in the last box. If they were hit, they will be listed with a score. If not, this box will appear blank.

Increase Booked Appointments and Rebooking

Staying current with technological advancements and embracing AI in the healthcare industry helps streamline patient care, starting at the front desk. With the integration of advanced technologies like Caller IQ, a game-changing call tracking and scoring system, healthcare providers can enhance the experience of every patient who contacts their practice using the data-based suggestions the product provides. This makes it more likely for patients to follow through with appointments and rebook in the future.

Get Started With Caller IQ Today

Want to see how Caller IQ can enhance your practice’s communication? Contact a DG team member here. We are available and ready to answer any questions and demo the product so you can see exactly how it works.

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