Intelligent Call Tracking

Improve Your
Calls With AI

Our AI call tracking service helps improve patient calls made to your practice. With scored reports and tracking services, you will know whether proper information is being requested and scores the overall politeness of your team. Using call metrics, you can spend more time with patients and less time screening calls.


AI-Powered Patient Experience

Call Tracking

Call Tracking
  • Access complete call logs and recordings
  • Offers intelligent call scoring through AI
  • Scores calls based on various criteria
  • Tracks agent representation
  • Flags lost opportunities / champion calls
  • Conversation Analytics

    Conversation Analytics
  • Transcribe speech to text from calls
  • Automate results and metrics
  • Full and individualized analytics
  • Tag + note related metrics
  • Rescoring ability
  • Opportunity Assistant

    Opportunity Assistant
  • Unique calls
  • Unanswered calls
  • Reports of calls answered
  • Total leads / Coachable calls
  • Total analyzed calls
  • Better patient communication and satisfaction

    Intelligent call scoring grabs the data needed for acquiring, engaging, and retaining patients. With metrics demonstrating the outcomes of patient conversations, you can better train teams to make patients happier. Having call scoring at your disposal can also better inform your team on what types of questions they may be missing.

    For peace of mind, the Doctor Genius team will conduct all necessary management and technical support so you don’t have to. Also, you can sleep easy knowing that our Intelligent Call-Tracking software is entirely HIPAA compliant, keeping your patient data secure.