Nicole Turley

June 13, 2024

Caller IQ Indicators: Decoding patient calls instantly with AI speech recognition

June 13, 2024

Doctor Genius’s Caller IQ helps practices refine their phone interactions for greater practice growth. Call indicators are featured pieces of information that play an integral role in the workings of Caller IQ’s work. They allow this AI-powered tool to quickly track and report on what is happening and what is working during patient calls. With these call indicators, Caller IQ helps practices understand what is happening over the phone so they can improve how they handle calls, leading to fewer missed opportunities and more new patients. 

About Caller IQ from Doctor Genius

In the healthcare industry, so much is gained or lost over the phone. For example, according to Dentistry IQ, the average North American dental practice could be missing out on up to $150,000 in profits by mishandling patient phone calls. However, to change what is happening over the phone, practice owners have to know what is happening. In the past, finding out has taken tremendous time and effort for already overburdened practice owners. Thanks to current technology, now there is an easier and faster way.

Caller IQ is one of our newest solutions, harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize the way a front desk team handles calls. This solution not only monitors and records all phone calls but also analyzes them to produce reporting that quickly lets practice owners see, at a glance, what is happening on the phone and what is working. With this information, they can take action to improve their phone interactions to the benefit of their patients and their practice. 

About Call Indicators

Indicators are how Caller IQ tracks and communicates what happens over the phone. They are characteristics of a call or events that happen during a call and fall into two categories: basic and composite indicators.

Basic Indicators

These indicate important events detected during calls, such as information given or appointments booked. Basic indicators may include anything from whether the patient was a new caller or a returning patient to whether or not the agent mentioned their or the practice’s name. Other key examples of basic indicators include:

Overview of numbers

All Conversion: A type of sale was made, such as a booked appointment or product purchase

Agent Poilitenss: Indicates agent treated caller with calm courtesy

Ask for Business: Agent asked the caller to buy a product or sell an appointment

Take Ownership: Agent takes ownership of handling the caller’s request

There are even basic indicators to track when something did not happen, such as a missed opportunity to book an appointment or provide information. 

Composite Indicators

Composite indicators score characteristics of calls based on a collection of indicators. There are two composite Indicators:

Circle graph

Sales Skills: 

  • Company Name
  • Agent Name
  • Ask for the Caller’s Name
  • Build Credibility
  • Take Ownership
  • Determine Needs
  • Ask for Business 
  • End With a “Thank You”
  • Agent Politeness
  • All Conversion

Lead Score: 

  • Opportunity
  • Information received – Name 
  • Information received – Phone 
  • Information received – Email 
  • Information received – Address
  • All Conversion

Calls score high for a composite indicator if all the associated basic indicators are detected.

Viewing call indicators data

Without having to listen to a single call, practice owners will have access to a wealth of data on the effectiveness of their team’s phone communication. Caller IQ uses this data to generate monthly reports on the team’s performance as a whole and on various call indicators. For coaching purposes, it will also highlight individual calls that did well and ones that need improvement. By transmitting what happens during patient calls into this quantifiable data with indicators, Caller IQ gives practice owners the information they need to take action that will lead to the growth and satisfaction of their patient base.

Indicator List

For more on Caller IQ

DG thrives on helping practices succeed by offering solutions that help them better serve their current patients and reach new ones. Caller IQ allows you to maximize your phone interactions to help your front desk team and practice reach their full potential. To learn more about Caller IQ’s call indicators, contact us today.

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