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January 17, 2024

Caller IQ: Improving Your Calls With AI

January 17, 2024

Doctor Genius (DG) is releasing our newest patient experience product: Caller IQ. This new offering was designed to improve the way in which front-end team members interact with patients, leading to improved patient satisfaction and retention. Caller IQ also helps the front-end team understand and manage the data to ensure patient satisfaction and book more appointments. Caller IQ can be used for training existing and future office administrators and managers, keeping your practice tone and voice uniform no matter who answers the phone.

Caller IQ Features

Caller IQ is an all-in-one artificial intelligence solution that analyzes every call your practice receives to provide usable suggestions for improving future calls. From call scoring to a few other visual aids, you’ll be provided with the data to understand how your office manager and the rest of your front-end team are performing and more precision in opportunities for call improvements. Besides, enhanced patient communication means improving the likelihood of patient acquisition and retention.

3 overarching features of Caller IQ

Caller IQ has 3 overarching features – Intelligent Call Tracking, Conversation Analytics, and Opportunity Assistant – and a plethora of benefits. Intelligent Call Tracking refers to recording and transcripts produced after each call to help improve communication between agents and patients. Conversation Analytics alludes to performance metrics and data obtained from these calls. Opportunity Assistant is AI-powered assistance in improving calls based on a user’s metrics.

Call Tracking

Our AI call tracking service offers tools that can help you understand the conversations that lead to conversions. Caller IQ allows users to check their patient inquiries and incoming calls. You can listen to the conversation, edit actions, and learn ways to improve interactions and create long-lasting relationships with new and existing patients. Caller IQ also offers scored reports with its tracking services, displaying an aggregate score of your team’s success at requesting proper patient information and your team’s overall politeness. Using call metrics, you can spend more time with patients and less time screening calls.

Caller IQ Overview page with 4 benefits icon

Benefits of Call Tracking

Surface meaningful data. Caller IQ’s powerful speech recognition technology decodes your calls, providing buyer trends and insights into patient intention and satisfaction.

Primary benefits of call tracking:

  • Provides access to complete call logs and recordings: review your call logs and full transcripts after each call
  • Offers intelligent call scoring through AI: look at your intelligent insights based on automated criteria prompts
  • Scores calls based on various criteria: understand your total call scores from missed opportunities to model champion calls
  • Tracks agent representation: scores your front desk reps by various measures, such as politeness and professionalism
  • Flags lost opportunities/champion calls: pinpoints places of improper communication, such as the agent not introducing practice or asking for the caller’s name or service requested

Caller IQ Transcripts

Caller IQ provides word-for-word transcripts for each call to help you dive more deeply into the specifics of a single conversation when necessary. Our transcription service leverages AI to synthesize, analyze, and provide critical information to improve your patient communication, engagement, and experience – and, in turn, patient acquisition and retention. View the transcripts on the Incoming Inquiries page.

Conversation Analytics

Caller IQ provides scored call metrics to help practice owners improve their interactions and retain more patients. Office agents inherently represent a practice and often provide the first impression, especially with patients who call first. Understanding call scoring and metrics enables you to improve your practice’s communication across all mediums. The individual scorecards provide insights on indicator hits, misuses, and unused indicators, calculating an overall score that can help with training and strategy implementation.

Benefits of Conversation Analytics

Eliminate manual listening.
Reduce the time, drain, cost, and complexity associated with manual call listening. Caller IQ’s Conversation Analytics harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to reveal caller trends and insights faster.

Access insights instantly.
Caller IQ gathers crucial call intelligence from your phone calls. The conversation analytics technology is immediately usable and requires no complicated setup on your end.

Primary benefits of conversation analytics:

  • Transcribes speech to text from calls: review a word-for-word transcript of each call
  • Automates results and metrics: look at the final results for each indicator, such as introducing the agent’s name and practice name
  • Full and individualized analytics: provides both general and specific analyses of each call; for example, a general call about the practice’s services or calls about a specific treatment
  • Tag + note-related metrics: places calls under categories (for certain services or keywords) for easier viewing
  • Rescoring ability: allows you to rescore a call when the representative is sure of talking points
  • Visual representation of call analytics/performance metrics
    • Color-coded diagrams
    • Pie charts
    • Graphs
    • Percentages and descriptions

Scorecards and Performance Metrics

Intelligent call scoring grabs the data needed for acquiring, engaging, and retaining patients. With metrics demonstrating the outcomes of patient conversations, you can better train teams to make patients happier. Having call scoring at your disposal can also better inform your team on what types of questions they may be missing, such as their name or alternative treatments they may be seeking.

The Call Details page enables Portal users to view detailed information about individual calls, including the call’s basic information, a summary, transcript, and scorecard indications, as shown above.

Opportunity Assistance

The Caller IQ Opportunity Assistant helps you understand your call indicators to enhance your communications. This feature not only assists in improving future calls but also helps in training future front desk team members to implement the communication practices that work to bring your practice the most value per patient visit and encourage more patients to return.

Benefits of Opportunity Assistance

Evaluate agent performance. Measure your team’s phone skills to recognize stand-out service and provide performance improvement recommendations.

Primary benefits of opportunity assistance:

  • Total leads / Coachable calls: lists calls that can be used as leads or for training
  • Total analyzed calls: total number of calls tracked weekly
  • Auto flagging of poorly scored calls and “champion” calls for use in training

Call Indicators

Caller IQ’s unique speech recognition technology reveals caller trends regarding buying intention and service satisfaction to help you decode your calls instantly.

The Caller IQ tab on your DG dashboard displays a visual representation of the most common call indicators, such as company name, agent name, and politeness, as well as your least common indicators, such as credibility, information received, and sales skills (as seen in the image below). These indicators provide a monthly average and can be viewed in two views: individual calls or patients. Of course, higher visual scores are ideal as it means that your front-end team is achieving better results with patient calls.

Caller IQ radiograph for call indicators

Call indicators are categorized under “Basic Indicators” and “Composite Indicators.”

Basic Indicators: Used to indicate if an important event occurred in the call. These are only displayed if they are detected in the call.

  • Missed Opportunity: Call content indicates that the caller requested pricing or information about products or services, but no conversion was identified.
  • Appointment Set: The caller sets an appointment (time and date) to have a service scheduled or called back to reschedule an appointment with a set time and date.
  • All Conversion: Some type of marketing or sales conversion was made during the call. This could be a set appointment, follow-up call, reservation, or an actual purchase.

Composite Indicators: Used to score important characteristics of the call using a collection of Basic Indicators. These indicators are displayed if they are detected in the call.

Sales Skills: Scores sales skills using the following indicators

  • Company Name
  • Agent Name
  • Ask for the Caller’s Name
  • Build Credibility
  • Take Ownership
  • Determine Needs
  • Ask for Business (recommend/signup for service)
  • End With a “Thank You”
  • Agent Politeness
  • All Conversion

Lead Score: Scores lead gathering using the following indicators

  • Opportunity
  • Information received – Name
  • Information received – Phone
  • Information received – Email
  • Information received – Address
  • All Conversion

Scorecards of call indicators provide metrics based on overall scores, indicator hits, indicator misses, and unused indicators. The Overall Score represents how well the agent performed on the call based on the indicator hits and misses. Indicator Hits are indicators that were detected on the call. Indicator Misses are indicators that were not detected on the call. Unused Indicators are indicators that were not applicable to this call.

To put it simply, Opportunity Assistant provides straightforward AI-generated suggestions on how your team can improve communications on future calls and summarize the performance of your teams. It also helps you better understand the other two features of Caller IQ, call tracking and analytics. These three key components tied together provide you with all you need to take full advantage of AI in the world of patient experience.

Leverage AI to better manage your practice

For peace of mind, the Doctor Genius team will conduct all necessary management and technical support so you don’t have to. Also, you can sleep easy knowing that our Intelligent Call-Tracking software is entirely HIPAA compliant, keeping your patient data secure.

Learn about Caller IQ here or contact a DG team member to get started. Our teams are available and ready to answer any questions and demo the product so you can see exactly how it works.

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