What Does Success Look Like for a Healthcare Blog?

March 07, 2024

When it comes to content management for healthcare, an organization’s blog is an ideal platform to strengthen and support your SEO strategy. Each article or entry is a valuable tool to educate and engage your patients, attract new clients, and build your reputation. Because it is so important, you must continually evaluate the success of your blog by looking at the following metrics.

Analyze key performance indicators

KPIs provide detailed insight into the performance of your blog or content and can help inform crucial decision-making concerning content marketing for doctors. These metrics will give you a better understanding of how each blog post is performing and if it is accomplishing what it was supposed to do. While there are many metrics you could evaluate, here are four very important to watch.

1. New subscribers

Blog posts are the gateway to new patients. Each entry is able to develop trust between the provider and potential patient, laying the foundation for a strong relationship between the two. Each blog post should contain a call-to-action to spur additional action, whether it be to make an appointment, sign up for a newsletter, or subscribe to the blog to receive additional information.

2. Total visits

By looking at how many visitors your blog post has had, you will find out a lot about the engaging nature of the content. Headlines need to be crafted in a way that entices the reader to find out more, and the content needs to rank well in search engines. The higher your number of visitors, the more likely it is that you are delivering awesome content labeled with fascinating and gripping headlines. It also indicates a strong SEO performance. Compare different posts to see which topics or arrangements are highly successful.

3. Bounce rate

To be successful, you want page visitors to view more than just a single post on their visit. A 50% bounce rate means that half of the visitors to your page leave after viewing what they wanted on that page. For health care providers, it could mean that your information is not answering their questions, or it was not interesting enough to keep them looking at more content. Find out which content has weak performance and shape your efforts from there. The more pages a visitor sees, the more quickly you can develop their trust.

4. Social engagement

Social media sharing is a vital part of an online medical marketing strategy. People tend to trust providers and facilities that come highly recommended by friends or family. When current patients or even potential patients share your content on social media, it gives you more exposure, similar to a personal referral. Track which platforms get more shares to help direct your attention to both the weak and strong links.

Get help with blog performance

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