Healthcare Website: Optimizing Video for SEO

March 17, 2024

A powerful tool in online medical marketing that can help your practice attract and retain patients is video marketing. This type of communication lends a personal touch, which is essential for establishing a relationship and even building trust with those who visit your website. Many people search for health information online. Thus, offering educational medical content for patients using videos will not only increase their knowledge but also promote your practice and build your brand. When you create videos, it is important to follow strategies for search engine optimization. SEO for doctors requires knowing what type of content online users search for and how to optimize your videos so that users are able to find them.

How can videos be useful on a health care website?

Videos that cover topics such as medical conditions, treatments, and services offered by your practice garner the most clicks.

  • Medical conditions: A huge number of patients first seek out information about certain medical conditions online before discussing it with a health care provider. Short videos that explain the symptoms inform patients and can lead them to seek medical attention.
  • Treatment options: Many patients visit their doctors armed with information about treatment options, but the sources of the information may not be reliable. If you post videos that explain and illustrate possible treatments, then you can be assured that your patients are hearing directly from you and obtaining credible information.
  • Medical services: Health care videos that discuss the services offered by your medical practice can enable you and your patients to have a more productive discussion about which service is right for them. It also gives them a chance to check with their medical insurance companies to see if the services you offer are covered.

How can you optimize videos for SEO?

Before making health care videos, learn the strategies that optimize them for SEO. These methods can help your site stand out from the competition.

Create high-quality videos

Online users are drawn to video content that is dynamic, professional, and engaging. Therefore, you may want to consider hiring a media team to ensure that your videos are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing in terms of colors, background, lighting, sound, and other features.

Use attractive thumbnails

Thumbnails provide a small image that represents a larger image or a video. Effective thumbnails show the video content, the speaker with an engaging expression, and the name of your medical practice.

Use key search terms

Just as it is essential to use highly-sought key terms in written materials, it is important to also use them when creating video content. Online users can find video content using key search terms.

Utilize analytics tools

Another optimization strategy involves learning which health topics are trending. Search engines offer analytics tools, such as Google Trends, which allow you to discover which health terms are being searched the most in a given period of time.

Use subtitles

Using subtitles in your videos can help broaden your practice’s reach because they can be detected by search engines, making your videos could then rank higher in searches. Many video watchers also find that subtitles enrich their viewing experience.

How can you learn more about optimizing my health care site?

Offering video content is one of many strategies that you can use to optimize your health care practice in search engines. Doctor Genius provides numerous tools to help your practice be competitive in the online world. Call us today to learn more about our digital marketing services.

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