Nick Adams

April 04, 2017

Steps to Drive Patients to Your Practice with Google Maps Marketing

April 04, 2017

In 2013, GE Capital Retail Bank’s Second Annual Shopper Study found that 81 percent of shoppers research online before visiting the actual store. With the digital market growing and becoming a prominent factor for all types of businesses, it is crucial for a business to maximize their online presence. This statistic applies to private dental practices as well as various forms of shopping, with more people reading reviews online, researching practice websites, comparing procedure rates and locations before scheduling an appointment.

Oh, the platforms your practice will end up on

When possible patients search for a practice online, the location is one of the key factors in making a decision. In fact, a common search term is “professional dentist near me.” Thus, many possible patients will end up on Google Maps, searching for a practice near their location that will accept their insurance. In an article written by Raj Nijjer and posted on, Nijjer lists four ways to drive in-store traffic with Google Maps. The four steps are:
  • Be there when people search for you on Google
  • Happy customers make great promoters
  • Pictures show what’s exceptional
  • Give people an insider view
Although these steps seem basic, they are fundamental in helping to promote a private practice. Google Maps has the ability to display more than simply the location of a company, so companies need to utilize all possible tools. Include the basics on a Google Maps profile with hours, practice title and any promotion deals available. By giving patients a location and images of an actual property, it validates the practice by making it a real website for the patient.

You control how potential patients see your practice

In 2013, GE Capital Retail Bank’s Second Annual Shopper Study found that 81 percent of shoppers research online before visiting the actual store.
While a practice cannot control the thoughts or reactions of patients online and in the office, a practice can control the image that they present online. As Nijjer stated, “Happy customers make great promoters.” Reviews are a crucial part of the decision-making process. While the patient can write whatever they feel like writing, a positive review will go a long way to helping bring new patients into the practice. It is also crucial to respond to a negative review with a professional answer. People may search for a negative review to figure out if the review is real or false. The review needs to have a name and cannot be anonymous. It can also beneficial for the practice to respond to the client’s review. Along with providing patient feedback online, a practice can also provide professional photos of the practice. Similar to how a restaurant produces photos of signature dishes and the dining area, a private dental practice will benefit from posting professional photos of the dental chairs, machinery, waiting room and more. Fortunately, Doctor Genius can help to provide the digital platform for a private practice and provide quality control for the practice’s website. We will create a new website for the practice and help the practice maintain an active presence online. If you are looking to rank higher on Google searches and develop a stronger online presence, then do not hesitate to seek professional services with Doctor Genius.

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