Nick Adams

September 17, 2020

Professional Content Writing at Doctor Genius 

September 17, 2020

It is possible to write about almost any subject with proper research, effort, and time. However, dentists and medical professionals as a whole, need more than simple facts stated on a page. Starting out as a content writer, I strove to find the balance between providing well-researched academic information and speaking to a general audience. Writing for Doctor Genius has only improved my competence in authoring technical and patient-friendly medical content. In turn, my work and time with Doctor Genius have also enhanced our internal writing standards as I have become well-versed in what constitutes industry-best practices.

The three main areas I have learned to consider when writing for Doctor Genius are the sources or facts of the content itself, the SEO terminology, and creating comprehensible content in an easy-to-digest platform. My name is Nick Adams, and I am the Lead Editor at Doctor Genius, going on four years with the Company.

A Bit About Myself and the Content Team

I started as a content writer at Doctor Genius in 2016, gradually working my way up to lead editor. Starting, I was the only in-house content writer. Now, as the lead editor, I mentor other writers and oversee our final product, creating greater quality control in every piece we produce. While I now focus more on editing and writing specialized content, my goal remains the same: improving our professionalism and readability standards, translating into improved client ranking, connecting more new patients to clients. 

While the goal was the same, it was not easy to expand the styles and forms of content beyond what we had. After four years, I have been able to help the content department grow with the help of my manager, Alexander Hess. With his guidance, we continue to focus on quality over quantity while expanding our client’s ranking signals in authority and expertise through adding new digital assets.

One Step in the Overall Process

Our writers’ editing process is more like a conversation, highlighting any corrections or changes to consider and sending it back to them for review. We strive to help our writers grow in their skills while also expanding their knowledge. Even after our writers complete the training, we encourage them to continue learning. When we assign a writer a custom content order, they will start researching the various keywords, the client’s medical specialty, and anything else they need to know.

Even though the content department is only one part of the process, it is crucial to follow any instructions and strive for content that will help boost the client’s online presence. Once the writer finishes the content, I will review it and mark-up any changes they need to see before passing it back. After a final review, the content is ready to move on through to production for installation to the website.

Quality Content Over Quantity

 Creating quality content and helping oversee the creation of said content involves focusing on three main areas mentioned earlier: resources, SEO terminology, and comprehensible content.


A major component of writing and editing content involves searching for professional and credible resources. Not only does this help our writers to learn better and understand the topic, but it also helps to flesh out the web pages for patients. The overall goal is to help patients learn and understand the specific service or treatment before scheduling an appointment. We focus on using .org websites, academic sources, and other information databases with this in mind.

SEO Terminology

While the client has a list of keywords and terms relevant to their services, we strike a balance between SEO and comprehension. This way, the content is not weighed down with too many keywords to the point of being spam— this practice is often referred to as “keyword stuffing.” However, we still strive to use more technical or precise terms somewhere on a page to increase the chance of a patient searching that term online and finding our client’s website. This balance is struck by understanding neural matching, which is writing content that will help a search engine present content that greatly matches a searcher’s intention. By working with our marketing team, we can determine the best course of action for each patient. 

Comprehensible Content

As an editor, I take the necessary time to read content for more than just errors. The content needs to be understandable for patients so that they are comfortable receiving medical services and are more likely to opt for the right treatment. At the same time, we strive to ensure it is factual and informative. This translates into clearly looking through every piece of content for its ability to reach the intended audience in a way that matches their specific needs. 

How to Start Getting High-Quality Content Today

By our content team continuing to grow, we will continue to offer more new digital assets that improve client ranking. The underline goal our team strives toward is providing the deepest breadth and width of content the medical practices have to offer. If you are interested in learning more about how our extensive content can improve your rankings, please reach out to our support staff by calling 877-477-2311.

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