What Is Salience in Content Writing?

September 18, 2020

When preparing online writing pieces for your practice, one of the goals should be to improve your rank on search engines such as Google and Bing. This increases the chances that more people will read your post, which in turn increases the chances of gaining new patients. At Doctor Genius, we can help improve your content management to attract more clients. Along with using the right keywords, it is also important to understand what a salience score refers to.

Understanding salience

Salience refers to the importance of a language feature within a text. In other words, the language that the writer uses in the web copy helps a search engine understand the true nature of the website. Machine learning technology helps to predict which words or concepts are deemed more important by those reading the text, and writers should strive to incorporate them.

These days, writing content is about more than just getting leads. The content must be helpful and of high quality, which is why tailoring the information is important.  

How to improve the salience score

A salience score is what language processors assign to language and words in web copy. The higher the score, the more important it is.

Use entities in the copy

To improve the salience score and, ultimately, search ranking, Inc.com talks about how you must include entities in one way or another. Doing this causes a search engine, such as Google for example, to calculate the text differently. It may be challenging knowing what words to use, but Google does have an Application Programming Interface that writers can use to see what score the copy would be assigned. Just insert your text into the API demo to see if you should make any changes.

Position text properly

Readers tend to place more importance on the beginning of a sentence. To improve your salience score, make sure the topic’s focus is at the start. This may take grammatical tricks to change word order to place emphasis on the topic.

Increase the number of references to the entity

You may be able to improve your score if you make more references to the entity. If possible, use different terms that refer to the same recognizable entity. Do this naturally, and skip it if it seems forced, as if you mention the entity too much, it can hurt the score.

Make the entity the focus in complex sentences

Search engines like Google are able to perform complex functions that identify linguistic relationships in longer sentences. Language processors can understand the relationships between the subject, object, and verb, and if the entity remains the main focus, the score is higher.

Learn more about improving your salience score

Doctor Genius is your source for a variety of online marketing services. If you would like to improve your web content to attract more leads and clients, we can help customize your message. For more questions about the salience score and how to include the right entity in your web copy, contact us to speak to a trained team member.

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