How to Write for Neural Matching

September 15, 2020

The future of search engine optimization strategizing changes when new search tools such as neural matching algorithms are put into play. Although search engine providers do not reveal specific algorithms to the public, the artificial intelligence tools used in programming provide a more specific search experience for users. SEO content creators must take new algorithm changes into account when mapping out future strategies to avoid getting stuck with outdated methods and losing vital search ranking positions. 

Neural matching and SEO strategizing

Modern techniques in search engine content formatting benefit both service providers and search engine users by making it easier to make a connection between the two groups. When formulating a strategy for keyword optimization, SEO content creators should utilize new techniques. 

How does neural matching work? 

Unlike more outdated artificial intelligence, the AI used in neural matching dives deeper into the reasoning behind searches to better analyze the user’s thought process and retrieve more meaningful and relevant content. By using a more thorough AI analysis, the search engine taps into a more diverse database of content. More diverse content retrieval means the user is more likely to connect with the sought-after results instead of more superficial, though related, content.

To simplify the process, neural matching allows the search engine to better understand what the user is trying to find, resulting in more relevant content. The easiest way for these algorithms to diversify the search is to not only pull in content that has exact or closely related keywords to the user’s search input but also synonyms to those keywords and the associated content. The reasoning behind pulling in this related information is to help the user reach the intended result even if the search terms were not a perfect match. 

How does neural matching affect SEO strategies? 

Search engines utilizing AI that better understand the reasoning behind a user’s search keywords leads to a more personalized user experience. To fall in line with a more customized search and maintain high search engine rankings, SEO content writers must adapt to the use of neural matching algorithms. Traditional SEO features strategically-placed keywords and phrases as a part of content formatting.

One of the key adaptation techniques is to anticipate the related keywords the algorithm pulls into searches and integrate them into the writing as well. Using this strategy helps the algorithm make more intelligent connections between keywords and their synonyms without affecting rankings. If a site’s ranking does slip as search engines adjust, the effect is likely temporary and can be mitigated by using a slightly modified SEO strategy. 

Learn about the latest marketing strategies

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