How the Call Now Listing Can Convert Customers

September 14, 2020

Using a call-to-action phrase can assist with new patient acquisition and retention, and a good CTA can be more important for conversion than the most artfully designed or user-friendly website. It helps to make it as easy as possible for potential patients to make an appointment, and we all know the simplest solution is often the right one. Here are some reasons why a good call-to-action phrase can make a difference in your practice.

Simplifying the process

Even the most creative websites are not going to convert clients if the clients are unsure about what the next steps are. Here are examples of how a CTA can convert potential patients by making it easier for them to buy something or make an appointment. 

It encourages obedience

From even the earliest years of life, people are used to being told what to do. This explains why a CTA in the form of a command tends to be more effective than one in the form of a question. For example, someone is more likely to click on a link or button that says “Purchase now!” than one that says “Are you ready to purchase?” Using an authoritative command can be very convincing for many potential patients. Without a CTA, they can be unsure of what to do next. 

It promotes conversion

In most cases, a simple, direct CTA can convert a client because it does not require much thought. For example, “Click here to schedule an appointment” is effective because it both tells patients what to do and allows them to set an appointment without having to call the office directly. Without that CTA, clients viewing the website would have to make a decision about whether that office was the right choice for them, track down a contact number, and call to set up the appointment. Many customers will not take the time to do that and will look elsewhere. 

It draws the reader’s attention

On a page full of black and white words, a bright red button or bold red text can effectively stand out and pull the reader’s gaze where you want it to go. While viewers already interested in a product or service may take the time to search a website for how to take the next steps towards making a purchase or appointment, it can take something more extreme to convince a bored viewer to pay attention and seriously consider taking another step. A distinct CTA button as a content format feature can also be easier for mobile viewers to find. 

Discover how we can help your CTA make an impact on your practice

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