Importance of Covering Which Areas Will Need Referrals

September 10, 2020

A Complete Health approach bridges the gap between dentistry and medicine. A surprising amount of information about the health of the rest of the body can be revealed through the mouth. A checkup from a Complete Health dentist also involves screening for conditions such as oral cancer and periodontal disease. Although Complete Health is a dental philosophy, there are also medical practices in which general practitioners choose to perform simple procedures rather than referring patients to specialty practitioners.

There are also SEO advantages to expanding your practice in unexpected directions. Patients looking for the additional services you offer may be more likely to find you if they are listed on your website or mentioned in blogs or social media posts. However, while your medical marketing materials should include the services you do perform, it should also identify the services for which you will have to refer patients to other doctors.

Why is it important to mention services you do not cover?

The American Academy of Family Physicians describes the often nostalgic view of general practitioners in the “old days” performing all types of medicine. Back then, referring patients to other doctors was not practical and sometimes not even possible. In today’s world, you cannot do everything related to the practice of medicine, and it is not reasonable to expect it. However, it is to your advantage, and the patients’ benefit, to explain what you do not do.

1. Communicating honestly

Successful communication between provider and patient depends on honesty. However, a survey in the Journal of Health Affairs revealed that a significant portion of the 1,891 respondents admitted to dishonesty in communication with patients, with 20% concealing medical errors and nearly half giving exaggeratedly positive prognoses. Explaining to your patients what you do not do upfront helps lay the foundation for honest communication.

2. Building a brand

Thanks to online information from health care websites and review apps, patients tend to be more informed before reaching the doctor’s office than ever before. This can work to your advantage if you want to be known as the doctor that treats such-and-such conditions in your area. For balance, your brand marketing should include what you do not do as well as what you do.

3. Managing patients’ expectations

Patients choose health care providers not only on the basis of medical information but on the advice of family and friends. In many cases, referrals from existing patients represent a sizable portion of new patients. Therefore, one negative experience for a patient who was confused and frustrated about the services you do and do not provide could put a significant dent in your practice.

How do you communicate which areas require referrals?

In addition to communicating honestly with patients, you should also be clear in how your relay what services need to be referred. Be sure they are delineated from the services you do provide with an unambiguously worded, eye-catching header.

Learn effective and responsible medical marketing

Your medical marketing should adhere to the same standards of responsibility and ethics as the rest of your practice. We devote meticulous effort to creating honest and accurate SEO materials. Contact Doctor Genius for help creating a campaign worthy of your practice.

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