Importance of listing qualifying insurances

September 08, 2020

The economic uncertainty surrounding the current COVID-19 crisis has placed a renewed focus on careful budgetary planning for many individuals across the United States. People are in need of quality health care that is compatible with their current insurance plan, perhaps more than ever in recent history. In addition, now is the ideal time to encourage both current and potential patients to prioritize health and wellness through routine care and the prompt diagnoses of illnesses and developing conditions. As a result, dental and medical practices may need to adjust website content to bring those potential clients through the front door.

The problem with incomplete insurance information

When a prospective patient begins searching for a new health care provider, browsing websites is often a starting point. While there may be several factors that influence the decision to make an appointment, patients ultimately need to know that your office accepts their current insurance plan. Your site may offer stunning visuals, excellent content, and stellar reviews. However, if you are missing this key component in the patient’s decision-making process, you could be losing numerous potential clients. Individuals searching for something new will likely be tempted to keep searching until they find the answers they need.

The benefits of adding insurance listings to your site

If you want to bring more patients to your practice, providing a complete, up-to-date list of accepted insurance plans is a good place to start. This eliminates wasted time on both ends, preventing the patient from enduring inconvenient wait times just to get the answer to a simple “yes” or “no” question. At the same time, your office personnel can avoid the hassle of unnecessary phone calls and stay on task with other responsibilities. When your website provides the patient with all of the essential information up front, the need to continue the search is significantly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

Counting on customer loyalty

The insurance plans and policies you choose to accept will change from year to year based on your business’s needs. Fortunately, keeping updated insurance listings on your website can help you hold onto devoted patients in spite of a potential drop in coverage. For many people, loyalty to a particular doctor, dentist, or office is far more important than loyalty to the current insurance company. When you combine an atmosphere of trust and respect with quality care, there is a good chance your patients will be willing to make things work.

By providing access to this useful information, you can also enable patients to switch plans during open enrollment or a major life change to join or stay with your office. In addition, those who are simply shopping for new coverage can be influenced based on the plans your office accepts, especially if it appears to be a good fit for the patient.

Let us help you improve your company website

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