Nick Adams

June 27, 2017

Presenting a Practice: More Than Facts on Notecards

June 27, 2017

Most likely, everyone has given a presentation at one time or another in life. You put together the poster board or create a PowerPoint, gather facts and statistics, and present it to people. When it comes to presenting information in a classroom or on a website, there is one main factor that can make or break a presentation: how one organizes and displays the content.

An ever-changing market

The 2017 State of Inbound report finds that the top challenge for 63 percent of marketers is generating traffic and leads. While anyone can make a post or write a blog, the correct quality content will make all the difference. In order to help a professional practice receive an increase of views on a website, the patient needs to have easy-to-access content on the site and ensure that it is the right information people need to find. In a 2015 study, Google finds that 65 percent of smartphone users search for the relevant information, no matter who is providing the information. With at-home products allowing people to utilize voice search instead of typing searches online, patients will use certain keywords or terms that may limit search results. With so many alternative methods for seeking a medical practice and a constantly changing digital market, medical professionals need to know how to navigate the digital market.  Medical professionals have the skills and knowledge to treat patients for a variety of conditions, but may not have the knowledge on how to present and market that skill. Fortunately, Doctor Genius knows how to present and organize content in an effective manner for better results.

Presenting material effectively

The 2017 State of Inbound report finds that the top challenge for 63 percent of marketers is generating traffic and leads.

A website with too much information will make it difficult for people to navigate a medical professional’s website. Patients are less likely to visit a website on any electronic device if it does not have:

  • Easy-to-access contact information
  • Helpful FAQ-like pages that summarize services in an easy-to-read manner
  • Clickable phone number link for smartphone users
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Reviews from other patients of the practice
  • Summary about the medical professionals that is not too complex

Doctor Genius has the ability to supply all of these website tools and more. We have the development and support teams on-site to help perfect a website. We also help you customize the website to your needs. We will help you present your service in an effective format that gives people an accurate representation of who you are as a medical professional. For more information on our services, give us a call at 877-477-2311. Our representatives are waiting to help you begin to build a better website today.

Doctor Genius

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We construct a website for your practice, establish an active online presence, build and constantly update social media profiles, help you build stronger connections with patients, streamline the appointment scheduling process, funnel traffic from search engines directly to your practice website and much more. To begin the process of increasing the success and presence of your practice, give us a call at 877-477-2311.

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