Original High-Quality Photography Boosts Consumer Confidence

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The use of high-quality original photos in marketing has not only become a common practice but is an essential component you will need when it comes to Google authentication and authority. Even though consumers recognize healthcare practices as places they can trust and hold accountable, the website photos may not reflect the professionalism they promise. With advancements and frequent updates in Google’s ranking algorithms, businesses must continually improve and adhere to these requirements, or they may be left behind.

Ron Fortier

Ron Fortier - Director of Production

As an SEO expert, development manager, and digital media producer, Ron Fortier’s extensive experience in the industry has increased clients’ revenue by diving into the consumer market and finding areas of opportunity. Ron has worked with Doctor Genius for over 7 years as the Director of Production, managing a team of 22 and overseeing more than 820 active client websites. He has previously completed projects for globally-renowned companies such as Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company, IBM, and General Motors. Ron’s leadership and management skills, superior knowledge and experience in data analysis, and extensive experience in SEO and digital marketing have kept Doctor Genius and its clients thriving. He continually finds new ways of implementing the knowledge and experience he gains into practice, keeping his clients ahead of the competition.

Google Trust Signals

Google TrustRank allows Google to assess trust signals and combat web spam by evaluating whether these signals are legitimate. Trust signals are online elements displayed by businesses or brands that automatically assure consumers of their authenticity. Logos, guarantee symbols, social proofs, and membership stamps are all examples of qualified trust signals.

Patients who find trust symbols on business sites are more likely to click through or initiate contact as they provide an alternative to fall back on if the consumer is unsatisfied. Original photos qualify as trust signals as they communicate authenticity and, if authenticated by Google, receive an “assignee” attachment to Google.

Trust signals can come in the form of photos such as:

  • Interior Space

Interior Space - Medical Office

  • Exterior Space

Exterior Spaces - Medical Office

  • Patient Waiting Area

Patient Waiting Areas - Medical Office

  • Staff

Staff - Medical Office

  • Operating Room

Operating Areas - Medical Office

Providing photos of other essential areas or additional spaces provided for consumers, such as parking space and playrooms, enhances trust and satisfaction. Consumers who feel they are viewing real, accurate, original photography are more likely to click through and visit the business website. It is a good idea to post as many photos of your practice as possible and eliminate any guessing on the part of the consumer.

Learn More About Our Services

The Doctor Genius client-facing team can help you understand the kinds of photos that work best for your business. We encourage clients to take as many photos of their business as possible that provide an actual representation of their storefront, interior and exterior spaces, and additional areas as needed. We will sift through the photos to ensure they are consumer-friendly and promote trust and authenticity. To learn more about the services we offer or discuss how we can help you make the most of your website and practice, contact us today or schedule a free demo.

Amal Rock - Content Writer - Doctor Genius

During her undergraduate career at Cal State Fullerton, Amal Rockn wrote for the Daily Titan, producing daily print and online content. After earning her BA in Print Journalism and Human Communication Studies, she built her writing career by interning at various magazines and local newspapers. She then went on, freelance writing for CairoScene magazine while traveling around Egypt. Amal acquired writing skills and techniques that focused primarily on digital media writing, providing her with essential tools required to write for the wide array of industries providing content online.

Amal started as a content writer at Doctor Genius in Summer 2020. She is part of the larger content marketing team responsible for producing all written content and media for clients. She participates in the ideation of branding strategies and copy requirements, provides editing and proofing services, and writes for a variety of services we provide: blogs, webpages, content packages, video scripts, social media posts, and internal content. Through training and extensive research, Amal has a grasp on writing for the healthcare industry and continues to sharpen her writing and editing skills while implementing SEO strategies that can best help our clients.

Under the guidance of the head of content, Alexander Hess, MBA, and editor-in-chief Nick Adams, Amal is able to quickly learn the guidelines in writing for online marketing. She only envisions her career advancing as her experience at Doctor Genius enables her to progress with the modern age of digital content writing and marketing.

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