What Is an Engagement Committee?

February 04, 2021

The purpose of an engagement committee is to create a direct line of communication between you and your employees. This group of representatives will allow more insight from your team about what they think about the company’s culture. Implementing an engagement committee can help take the guesswork out of employee satisfaction and provide valuable information about improving your practice.

Improving Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

Forbes defines employee engagement as the emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals. Establishing this group can be an excellent way to improve communication between leadership and the rest of the staff while increasing the commitment employees have to their workplace. Engagement committees help promote a healthy working environment by facilitating networking and exchanging ideas to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Giving Everyone a Voice

Most practices have employees who do excellent work behind the scenes but are not necessarily involved in decision-making processes. It can be easy for ideas from this demographic to go unheard. These employees are important because they are often the ones that can point out better processes, improve patient relations, or cut costs. Voicing opinions also allows employees to build intrinsic motivators and create a sense of trust and belonging. Engagement committees give these employees a way to suggest ideas and help make the business better.

Understanding Employees

Perhaps employees feel uncomfortable approaching the leadership with questions or concerns. Or they may be concerned about maintaining an appropriate work-life balance. While it is possible to get some insight from employee surveys, an engagement committee can provide more context and understanding to the way employees feel and think. Knowing the reasons behind such employee sentiment is also essential to creating any positive change within the workplace.

Address Employee Concerns

In many cases, employees leave a job without providing the real reason they were unhappy. Having an engagement committee can reveal the source of the problem and allow the company to address it quickly. Taking action can prevent the employee from leaving and help prevent other employees from quitting for the same reason. 

Bring Unknown Issues to Light

Lower-level employees frequently have concerns that go unvoiced. When these concerns go unaddressed, operations are less productive than they could be, and employee morale is lower than it should be. Having an engagement committee can help solve such issues efficiently and keep employees feeling connected and motivated.

We Can Help

Engagement is important for every practice, whether it is from patients or your employees. Doctor Genius has developed solutions to help make every part of your company process more efficient. Contact us to speak with one of our team members about the customized packages and resources we offer.

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