How Small Practices Handle HR

January 28, 2021

It can be difficult for small practices to navigate the world of human resources. Having the right human resource standards in place is an essential part of running a business and taking care of employees. Here are some ways to make sure your practice is compliant with all the human resources rules and regulations that impact your employee relationships.

Creating a Safe and Enjoyable Workplace

One way of ensuring that a practice has a safe and enjoyable workplace for employees is knowing and following all employment laws. There are regulations for all aspects of employee hiring, retention, and termination processes. Information is accessible in the Federal Employee Handbook, and additional updates to local and federal regulations are available in newsletters and websites.

Attracting and Hiring Quality Employees

Small practices can also benefit from effective hiring processes. HR can manage the risks during the hiring process and reduce the probability of a bad hire. Providing great benefits, competitive compensation, growth opportunities, and other resources can help build a good employer reputation. HR can help practices stay in tune with employees and determine what benefits they care about the most. Creating this type of working environment not only attracts quality talent but also encourages employee loyalty.

Create an Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a valuable resource for employer and employee communication. While an employee handbook can help in a dispute, it is also an excellent way to define employee expectations and specify job descriptions clearly. Make sure to update the handbook as the practice grows or processes and procedures change.


Double-check payment amounts before finalizing employee paychecks, especially when using an automated payroll program. Paying employees correctly and on time is one of the easiest ways to earn their trust, and failing to do so is one of the fastest ways to lose it. Setting and sticking to a payment schedule and remaining compliant with how employees are classified can be critical steps to avoiding payroll issues. 


Practices should also be aware of which taxes they need to report and deposit. A few types of taxes to be aware of are:

  • Federal income tax

  • Federal unemployment

  • Medicare taxes

  • Social security 

Employers and employees share the responsibility for making sure to report taxes properly. 

Management Services

Managing employees can be one of the most challenging HR tasks. Proper processes for handling situations like employee termination and workers’ comp claims are essential. Having clear plans in place for these events will allow practices to manage them professionally and legally.

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