How Do I Reschedule All My Appointments?

May 11, 2020

You know that you should postpone elective and preventive care during the COVID-19 crisis. You understand the importance of social distancing to flatten the curve. Still, you worry about finances. You need a full schedule to generate revenue, so rescheduling your appointments is critical. Here are a few rescheduling tips to help your practice.

Tips for rescheduling appointments during COVID-19

Communication is key to filling waiting rooms once the crisis is over. Health care providers know that shelter-in-place orders could continue for months. Some even expect it could last until 2021 when a possible vaccine may finally be ready. Providers should connect with patients, so they understand what to expect during this time.

Also, this call will help ensure patients return for the rescheduled appointment. The provider can answer any questions patients may have.

Prioritize based on the needs of the patients

Health care providers should prioritize patients when rescheduling appointments. Patients who are at the highest risk should get priority when rescheduling. Providers should stay in frequent contact with these patients, providing updates on when it will be possible to see them again. Maintaining contact shows the patients that their health is a priority for the practice. This provides an incentive to reschedule.

Make rescheduling easy

Even before COVID-19, most patients prefer scheduling appointments online. Practices can expect to see a spike in rescheduled appointments with online scheduling. The fear of the unknown makes it difficult for patients to know when it is okay to go to a provider. By providing online scheduling, patients can fill those slots when they feel comfortable.

This also lessens the burden on the staff. Staff members are already bogged down with phone calls. Allowing patients to reschedule online allows members to talk to those who need it most. This takes the stress off the staff members’ shoulders. It also makes it easier to keep a full schedule. Patients, employees, and business owners win with this strategy.

Consider telehealth

Telehealth and teledentistry have come into vogue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology allows providers to manage basic conditions and offer preventative care. These appointments tend to take less time for both the patient and the provider and are more affordable. They can also take place over the computer or phone. This form of appointment limits in-person visits.

If possible, providers should rely on telehealth to manage some of the burdens. Filling the schedule with telehealth appointments makes it easier to meet the demands of the patients. Providers who use this can begin seeing patients now. These providers do not have to wait until the crisis is over. Also, providers can maintain appointments with telehealth even after the pandemic comes to an end.

Keep the books full during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

It is normal to feel worried about the state of your practice during a pandemic. Canceled appointments hurt your bottom line. You need to reschedule those missed opportunities. Fortunately, you can fill your schedule. Communicate with your patients, give priority to those who are at the highest risk, and make it easy for people to reschedule. Also, you can rely on telehealth so you can catch up on rescheduled appointments quickly.

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