Back to the Basics: 3 Fundamentals of Marketing You Need to Do Today to Stay Afloat

May 12, 2020

Running a business has never been easy, and COVID-19 is making things more complicated. The global pandemic continues to claim more lives as each day passes, and it has disrupted manufacturing and businesses in ways we have never seen before. Many businesses have been slowed down to a halt, while others have to reduce their hours of operation.

Without a doubt, this pandemic will bring significant changes to our lives, as it proves how unprepared the world is for such events. COVID-19 brings the apocalypse for many businesses, but others will be able to use the disruption to their advantage.

Marketing in a world with COVID-19

Figuring out the right ways to market a business might seem like rocket science. Still, the fundamentals of digital marketing can help your business make it through the current economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. Here are simple things you can do to ensure that people can find your business online:

1. Social media marketing

Social media is where billions of people all over the globe connect on online platforms. Social media marketing might seem intimidating if it is not something you use personally, but many of these platforms are easy to figure out. If you are one of those people who have a hard time navigating the internet, take online classes to familiarize yourself with the social media platform you plan to use or hire a social media manager.

Think of social media as a place you can share your thoughts, products, and services. Consistently post information that provides value, and your following will grow. A huge following allows you to send information about your business to a large number of people in a matter of seconds. You can also use direct messages to market products and services or network with other business owners who might have helpful information.

2. Create videos

Video marketing is another great way to market your business. Business owners can do this by making video tutorials targeting keywords relevant to their business. For example, a dentist who runs their practice can create step-by-step tutorials on the proper way to floss. People looking to improve their flossing technique enter keywords into a search engine. The tutorial created by the dentist pops up, and the patient gets the information they need from a credible source. YouTube is a great place to start with marketing videos.

3. Create a blog with a focus on search engine optimization

A web-blog also helps you reach a wider audience. Many business owners are hesitant to start one because they feel that the many other pages online will drown theirs out, but that only happens when you do not include search engine optimization as part of your marketing strategy.

A good SEO strategy allows you to drive organic traffic to your blog. There are no limits to how much traffic a business can bring in using SEO.

The fundamentals will get you past COVID-19

Stick to the fundaments of digital marketing, and your business will be more likely to survive the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus. Call or email Doctor Genius to learn more about how we can help you to keep your business running while the world deals with COVID-19.

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