Positively Impact Your Practice With These Simple Steps

May 13, 2020

The COVID-19 global pandemic will impact your business even if you do not buy into the media frenzy. Washing your hands might help you keep the virus away, but it will not bring more customers to your business.

Keeping your business moving forward during COVID-19

This article will go over tactics you can use to keep your business above water as you navigate around the uncertainty created by the coronavirus. Here are simple ways to positively impact your business and customers.

1. Use automated lead processes

Business owners should already have automated lead generation systems in place. If your business does not already have one, now is a good time to start. Such systems can easily help you double your sales and bring in extra revenue that might help keep the doors of your business open.

Businesses without automated ways to generate leads are essentially running up a hill. They often end up spending more money to generate fewer leads. Automating the process allows business owners to sell their products and services even when the business is closed.

2. Streamline systems and use fewer workers

It is typically easier to manage a system than it is to manage individuals. People tend to become more unreliable during stressful times, and having a system in place makes it easier to determine which employees are contributing the most. It also allows them to work more efficiently.

3. Provide safeguards for customers

With so much uncertainty going around, providing safeguards for customers will make them more likely to purchase your business’s products and services. Let customers know how your business is adapting to the coronavirus and what will happen if you are not able to fulfill your end of the contract due to the pandemic.

Understanding how potential customers have been affected by the coronavirus can also help increase your sales. For example, providing payment plans can be helpful when dealing with customers whose income has been limited by COVID-19. Surveys are a great way to get into the minds of potential customers and understand their concerns. The business can then implement safeguards that address these concerns.

4. Use high-quality copy

People being quarantined due to the coronavirus means that they are spending more time online. Having a website or web marketing system gives business owners a huge competitive advantage right now.

Marketing tactics like search engine optimization will bring traffic to a business, but that is only half the battle. Engaging copy on your website is what builds trust with the person and prompts them to make a purchase. It involves placing relevant content at the top of the page.

Focusing on the quantity of content on a website over quality rarely ever works out for the business. People will not trust your business if you have poorly written content on your site, and you will not generate much revenue with weak sales pitches.

Take advantage of new opportunities

COVID-19 brings its share of challenges, but it also brings many opportunities that smart business owners can take advantage of for their benefit. Contact Doctor Genius to learn more about how your business can survive the coronavirus by increasing your focus on internet marketing.

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