Nick Adams

November 07, 2017

To Have a Home Part III: Every Website Needs a Navigation Bar

November 07, 2017

When you visit any website, you may stay on the one page you need or search the menu at the top of the screen to find what you are looking for. When you visit a website without a menu or navigation bar, it pushes you to search other websites as it becomes too difficult to find the information you need.

Easy use for a longer visit

A navigation bar is the main tool that will help guide people on a website. Without one set in place, the user will have more difficulty navigating the website. If there is too much difficulty in navigating a website, the potential patient will search elsewhere. If a patient is searching for information on regular dental checkups at a specific practice and is interested in what the website states, then he or she may also search another page for more information on scheduling an appointment.

However, if the website is difficult to navigate, then the patient will be more likely to “bounce” to another website. Bounce is a term for when an individual leaves after only viewing a single page on a website and seeks to view other pages from a different website. The longer a potential patient spends on a website, the better chance that the patient will schedule an appointment.

Doctor Genius offers clients a mobile first website that renders the webpage to accurately display on any screen size.

Another reason that navigation bars are crucial for the success of a website is that they offer fast and efficient use of a website. In this day and age, people do not enjoy having to wait for anything. People want it fast and want it now. Thus, a navigation bar allows for people to immediately search for the specific service they need. Although, there is a new platform that has taken over many homes and the process for how people use the internet.

Mobile first technology

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The Pew Research Center finds that as of 2016, at least 95 percent of Americans own a cellphone of some kind. PEW also finds that around 77 percent of adults in America use smartphones. With smartphones, people are now able to search the internet and complete a variety of other tasks with ease. Thus, having a mobile first website is crucial.

Mobile first means that the website renders the size to match the screen of the user’s device. A medical professional needs a mobile first website so that there are no issues finding a search bar on a phone or tablet. More and more people conduct searches on these devices while watching TV or relaxing at home, instead of using a computer.

At Doctor Genius, we offer clients the option to customize the navigation bar to the top/scrolling, top/static, or left/static of the webpage. This menu option will change with any device to accurately match the screen size. By investing in Doctor Genius, we can build your website to not only be mobile first but also be easier to navigate. With the proper navigation, people are less likely to leave your website.

Doctor Genius

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