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June 15, 2023

Google’s New Algorithm Update: Details You Should Know

June 15, 2023

Google set out yet another update to its continually growing and changing algorithm, intending  to introduce changes in the social arena and enhance users’ experience. An update like this also means businesses and site owners must learn factors and signals the algorithm uses and alter their existing SEO strategies before meeting those needs.

What is a Google Core Update

A Google core update is any update, alteration, or change in Google’s first initial algorithm, referred to as the “core.” An algorithm is a complex system in which data is analyzed through various factors, delivering an instant set of results. Google uses this ever-changing algorithm to rank websites on their relevance, timeliness, authority, and many other factors. It is crucial that site owners stay aware of these updates and continually alter their strategies to maintain a high ranking.

March 2023 Core Update

Google core updates can largely affect business and site owners’ performance and traffic, which means understanding the update can put you back on top at a faster rate (when sites adapt their strategies). Specific to this update, content is, once again, king. According to an article in Search Engine Land (SEL), Google states:

“We’re also improving how we rank results in Search overall, with a greater focus on content with unique expertise and experience. We’ll roll out an update to this system that more deeply understands content created from a personal or expert point of view, allowing us to rank more of this useful information on Search.”

The team at Google reworked and altered the algorithm to bring out “hidden gems” and authoritative experts in specific fields that cater to consumers in various arenas, one being personal health. The primary reasons for this update are to provide consumers with “high-quality” content created to inform these users as a sort of “reward system.”

Doctor Genius’ Role in Core Updates

At Doctor Genius, content is our top priority. Our content, marketing, and production teams work together to analyze Google’s ever-changing algorithm and implement the metrics required for clients to outrank their competitors.

Algoroo Metrics

The graphic below depicts the volatility of Google’s algorithm updates on desktops.

Algoroo graphic

Red = Highly volatile, Orange = Medium-level volatility, Green = calm, low volatility 

The increased volatility could result from the new Google Core Update that has been in the works since March 2023 but was released more recently (May 2023).

This graphic shows the volatility rate for the past several years, indicating that the present high volatility rate is the highest since 2018.

Our clients have experienced roughly 7 months of growth through a fair amount of volatility and algorithm updates. Even through the toughest times, we have seen a steady range and held the growth. In the mild volatility months, we have seen explosive growth through multiple major algorithm updates. So far, we have weathered multiple massive algorithmic updates, as shown in those red bars, yet our online visibility is stable, if not growing.

Our teams work collectively to create new, relevant, and interesting content, not only for service and landing pages but continuous blogs targeting specific topics and keywords. We have also developed our Patient Experience (Px) package to create a more consumer-friendly experience for our clients’ patients and regular users interested in health-related content. Along with that, our constantly-evolving Content Ignition Packages (CIPs) drive traffic and boost online presence, signaling credibility to search engines and these ever-changing Google algorithm updates. That’s how we appeal to all of the updates and needs of the algorithm: check all the boxes.

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At Doctor Genius, we do the work so clients can focus on running their practice. We can help you understand how SEO plays a large part in high-ranking and, in turn, higher consumer engagement and increased revenue. Keeping up with Google’s constantly changing algorithm helps our clients stay relevant, perform well, rank highly, and maintain their standing. Learn more about our various packages and how we can optimize your site. Sign up for our demo or call us today to schedule a consultation appointment.

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