Helpful Free Tools for Improving Your Practice’s Website

June 08, 2023

Having the right tools can help you work smarter rather than harder. This is true in most aspects of business, including digital marketing. When it comes to website design and performance, there are plenty of free online tools available to not only improve your practice’s website but also to make your life easier.

Popular website improvement tools

These are just a few of the more popular tools you can use to make sure your website is as effective as possible.

Google Analytics

As perhaps the most useful free tool, Google Analytics tracks website traffic. Although it will not tell you which keywords drove the traffic to your site, it will tell you where the traffic comes from and which page is receiving it. When you launch a marketing campaign, using this tool can tell you if there was an increase in site viewers and which page attracted them.

MOZ local listing score

If you have a local practice, this tool will show you how it looks online. Using data from over 10 sources, MOZ scores your business and lets you know if you need to fix anything or if your listing is inconsistent or incomplete.

Classy Schema Structured Data Viewer

A more technical tool, this one lets you know whether or not you implemented your structured data correctly. It can be a big help with technical SEO because unless it is properly implemented, it is unable to have an impact on your site.


According to MOZ, duplicate content can be harmful to your practice in seemingly small ways, such as confusing search engines. It can also be dangerous in larger ways, like lowering your ranking or credibility. Copyscape can show you if your website has duplicate content anywhere else on the internet so you can correct it.

Exploding Topics

Trending topics with high search volumes can be targeted more actively with SEO. Using Exploding Topics, you can identify these frequent queries before they go mainstream to capitalize on the uptick in traffic. Waiting too long after a topic is already popular can cost you in site traffic.

Domain Authority Checker

Based largely on backlinks, the domain rating measures the authority of a website. Do you know your website’s domain rating? Use this tool to find out. A higher number typically correlates to a more authoritative website and better ranking.

Google PageSpeed Insights

This tool allows you to check load speed and usability of your website across multiple devices. Not only will it tell you how fast your site loads according to several metrics, but it also provides ideas for improving load speed.

Make your website better and attract more patients

The quality of a practice’s website can have a dramatic effect on its ability to attract new patients and grow. At Doctor Genius, we know the importance of website design for doctors. That is why we offer multiple services directed toward making your technology and online presence more impactful. Talk to one of our trained team members today to discover more about our solutions, which include content marketing, digital advertising, and online reputation management. Make the most of your website and increase the visibility of your practice.

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