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June 28, 2023

Genius Series: IT Department

June 28, 2023

Operating behind the scenes at Doctor Genius, the IT department is responsible for maintaining the smooth operation of DG and our clients’ sites and the equipment we use to run these operations. The IT department comprises three geniuses: Al Calderon, Director of IT and DG Co-Founder; Jacob Hopson, IT Systems Technician; and Alex Lopez, IT Systems Administrator.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the IT team to dive deeper into the finer details of the department, what they do, and their role at Doctor Genius.

About the IT Department

From the geniuses themselves:

“IT stands for Information Technology, which refers to using computers, software, networks, and other digital technologies to manage, process, and transmit information. The roles of the IT department consist of Director of IT, IT Systems Administrator, and IT Systems Technician.”

Some of the key areas of IT include computer programming, database management, networking, cybersecurity, and data analysis. IT professionals work to develop, implement, and maintain digital systems and solutions that manage and utilize information more effectively.

Services the IT department provides

As part of our back-end teams, IT geniuses ensure our systems, software, and services work effectively and efficiently. They also handle the equipment all other geniuses use to avoid technical problems and allow our teams to complete their tasks on time. Some of the services they provide include:

  • Technical support: IT provides technical assistance to employees who are having issues with computer hardware, software, or other digital systems.
  • Network management: IT is responsible for setting up and maintaining networks, including local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs), that allow for the sharing of resources and data across our organization.
  • Information security: IT develops and implements security measures to protect an organization’s digital assets, including firewalls, antivirus software, and MFA encryption technologies.
  • Software development: IT is responsible for custom software integration or customizing existing software to meet the organization’s specific needs.
  • Hosting management: IT manages and maintains hosting databases that store client websites

The IT department calls itself the Axle of the Wheel. In other words, axles deliver the driving power from the engine (organization) to the wheels (departments). The ensure all other employees and departments function properly and provide support when issues arise.

IT Goals and Responsibilities

Overall, the services provided by the IT department focus on leveraging technology to improve the efficiency, productivity, and security of the organization’s digital systems and operations. Every team member of every department utilizes hardware, software, and other technologies to complete their everyday tasks. As a result, the IT department is one of the few teams that interact with every single department and employee of the company.

The IT team ensures all DG team members have the technologies necessary to complete their daily job duties and maximize workstation uptime. For our clients, they are responsible for the setup of domains, name servers, and main hosting installs.

The IT team shares responsibilities tracked via Jira Task Management and linked with WorkOrder requests.  They meet daily to discuss urgent and ongoing projects and weekly to review task priorities to ensure we meet department needs and deadlines.

IT-Curated Projects, Services, and Product Creations

Of the many services, products, and projects created by the IT department, the newest is the DG Work Order (WO) platform. The DG WO system gives employees an intuitive, self-service portal that provides them with one place to get help efficiently. The WO system helps the IT team triage, track, and assign incoming requests from various departments. With conversational ticketing, the IT agents can track all the information needed.

Other services they provide include:

  • DG HQ office setup, relocation
  • Client Hosting infrastructure setup and maintenance
  • Salesforce object customization and integrations
  • Daily WorkStation troubleshooting and enhancements

In the future, the IT department plans on developing programs that continue to make it easier on DG employees as well as our clients, on the back end. These future endeavors include continued Salesforce customization and automation, moving our Client Hosting to an AWS, Cloud Based infrastructure, and workstation automation with a central Active Directory.

We are proud and honored to have a dedicated, hardworking, and successful IT team that keeps our company moving forward. Without the IT department, Doctor Genius would not be the company we are today.

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