Nicole Turley

June 29, 2023

Genius Series: Customer Success

June 29, 2023

Our Customer Success Department is an essential component of Doctor Genius, keeping our clients with us while ensuring their ongoing success and happiness with our services. Customer Success works proactively to keep our clients engaged, invested in our services, and getting the most out of what Doctor Genius offers. 

About the Customer Success Department

Customer Success is a relatively new discipline born out of a fundamental change in how tech companies do business. Instead of dealing in large one-time purchases, many software and tech businesses have become subscription-based, meaning a company needs to win a customer over not just once but again and again each month. During this shift, companies noticed that though they were growing, their revenue was significantly impacted by clients who did not renew their subscriptions. When clients do not renew and discontinue the use of a particular product or service, this is called churn, and in the early days of Customer Success, that is primarily what was addressed (churn). Now, Customer Success means so much more. It is truly about delivering value to our clients, being their trusted advisor, and ensuring they are able to leverage our solutions to achieve their goals.

For Doctor Genius, stopping churn means a proactive approach to serving our clients. The Customer Success team anticipates clients’ needs to prevent problems or keep them from escalating. Instead of reacting to issues, they proactively reach out to the client, giving them the tools they need to succeed with our products. The goal is not only to prevent churn but to ensure we are delivering on our promises and that the client is succeeding with our services. As Stiffler explains, “Our goal is to do our best to ensure our clients realize value, solve problems, make customers love us, and be their trusted advisor.” These efforts lead to more satisfied clients who are more likely to recommend Doctor Genius to colleagues and invest more in our services. 

Services Customer Success Provides

Though Customer Success was initially inspired by the need to combat churn, Doctor Genius utilizes this discipline to reach much further. They are the key to maintaining ongoing relationships with our clients in order to identify potential problems and discover better ways to serve clients. In addition, Customer Success monitors clients’ progress and strives to match them with the products and services that will best help them meet these goals. Customer Success is responsible for the following:

  • Increasing client satisfaction
  • Monitoring client progress
  • Maintaining regular communication with the client
  • Upselling new products and services to existing clients who wish to achieve more
  • Educating clients on products and services
  • Ensuring clients are getting the maximum benefit from products and services

Customer Success has a game-changing impact on our clients and Doctor Genius. In addition, referrals from customers continue to increase each year as clients thrive as a result of our services and recommend Doctor Genius to colleagues.

The Customer Success Process

The Customer Success journey begins shortly after a client becomes active with Doctor Genius. This relationship continues through the launch of the client’s website, an initial account review, and a performance review at the end of three months. Regular meetings with clients continue on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual basis. Through this ongoing contact, Customer Success stays keenly aware of the clients changing needs and works to ensure clients get the maximum benefit from our services.

The day-to-day life of our Customer Success professionals involves reaching out to clients at varying stages of the journey. This job requires detailed knowledge of our products and the needs of our clients and their industries. Customer Success professionals must wear various hats and be able to switch gears frequently throughout the day. Their job is part strategic advisor, customer service, educator, and problem solver. It is a challenging but rewarding role that directly impacts Doctor Genius’s growth and our clients’ continued success. 

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