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August 04, 2023

Genius Series: Onboarding & Implementation

August 04, 2023

Of our client-facing teams, we have Onboarding and Implementation – both of which fall under the grander Customer Experience (CX) department. These two teams, along with Customer Support, work together to bring on new clients, help them understand the process from start to finish, and assist with issues during their journey with us. They come directly after the Sales team in the DG process.

CX leadership held a Genius Series presentation in mid-July to dive deeper into the finer details of their department, what they do, and their role at Doctor Genius.

The CX Department

The CX department constitutes one of our largest departments at Doctor Genius, with three subparts: Leadership, Onboarding, and Implementation. Leadership consists of Kim Stephenson, CX Manager, and Christine Nguyen, Team Lead, who oversees our Onboarding Specialists I – III.

The various tiers of Onboarding Specialists cover an array of services our clients need. Functioning in a hybrid role, Saadia Lillah fulfills duties in both Onboarding and Implementation as an Onboarding Specialist III. Dylan Vogel and Abby Devins act as our Onboarding Specialist II, followed by three Onboarding Specialist I: Chris Heins, Kristina Fey, and Renee Grenier. To complete the team, we have two Implementation Specialists: Judy Coffin and Kareena Brickley.


Client onboarding is the first step in their journey with Doctor Genius,  working with clients who have already expressed interest in our services and are ready to begin. According to Nguyen, “Onboarding is the action or process of familiarizing new customers with your products and services.” The team is responsible for the introduction and the client’s first impression of Doctor Genius. They aim to discuss all crucial information about the customer journey, set expectations, hear the client’s goals, and help them find a good workable plan for their practice.


The Implementation team takes on the work of both Onboarding and Sales and puts them into action by optimizing their campaign. Their primary goal and responsibility is optimizing and maintaining clients’ online presence through social media and online directories.

Differences between Onboarding and Implementation

The primary reason for the separation of these two teams under CX is due to scalability. CX and its processes were once all handled by Support alone. Separating and specializing roles allows all team members to focus on specific goals, leading to improved and more efficient completion of tasks. This benefits our geniuses and our clients.

The main difference between the two teams is their daily tasks and responsibilities:


  • Welcome Calls
  • NAP and Keyword Approvals
  • PX Integrations
  • Assisting with Profile Access
  • Convirza
  • Domains
  • Client-facing Verifications


  • Pre-production
  • BrightLocal Citations & Optimizations
  • Logo Creation
  • Banner Creation
  • Optimizing Social Media
  • Cancellation Reversions
  • Back-end support & Verification
  • Execution of NAP Changes & Online Profiles

Combined Tasks:

  • Listing Creation
  • Call Tracking Settings
  • Verifications
  • Inbound Calls

Our onboarding and implementation teams have paved the way for more accurate optimization, personal connection with clients, and faster turnaround times and results. 

The future of our Onboarding and Implementation teams

In the coming months, the CX department aims to further develop and improve optimization, refine its processes, and get through any existing backlogs. Some of their current and future projects are Paths to Success within Salesforce and expanding their video library for Onboarding, which include informational videos presented to clients during their Welcome Call.

We are proud and honored to have a dedicated, hardworking, and successful Customer Experience team that maintains our company’s reputation and helps us gain trust and respect in the ever-growing marketing industry. Without the CX department, Doctor Genius would not be what it is today!

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