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August 04, 2023

Genius Series: SEO

August 04, 2023

No matter how great a site looks or feels, it is pointless if the target audience cannot find it. At Doctor Genius, the SEO Department improves each client’s online presence to help them connect with their audience and, ultimately, grow their business. I had the privilege of speaking with Director of SEO and Product Ron J. Fortier about the details of the department and its role in driving client growth.

About the SEO Department

The mission of the SEO Department is to optimize all DG client sites by creating new products and services that make it easier for potential patients to find. To better understand this, let us break down what SEO means.

What Is SEO?

Short for “search engine optimization,” SEO works to improve the visibility of a client site. The goal is to have each client site appear closer to the top of the search engine results page (SERP) when people search for keywords, such as “kid-friendly dentist.” To achieve this, the department utilizes SEO best practices, always staying current with developments and Google algorithm updates.

Fortier describes DG’s approach to SEO as including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Updating content
  • Improving page speed
  • Implementing responsive design
  • Adding technical SEO in the HTML
  • Utilizing internal and external linking
  • Maintaining an online presence through reviews

A Focus on Sustained Brand Expansion

While businesses can pay to stay at the top of the SERPs, this is rarely a sustainable approach. Paid advertising can boost short-term growth, but organic traffic is the key to sustained brand awareness and expansion. The latter is how a site can stay at the top of the SERPs consistently.

Organic traffic refers to the number of visits a website receives from unpaid search results. The more relevant the website appears to the algorithm, the closer to the top of the SERPs it will appear. This brings in more “organic traffic” as potential patients click on the site. It follows that DG focuses its efforts on driving organic traffic, meaning the number of visits a website receives from unpaid search results.

“Organic SEO traffic accounts for more than 70% of our client’s traffic,” Fortier said. “The efforts of the Content team and SEO are directly responsible for this traffic.”

SEO ‘Baked’ Into Every Client Site

DG clients do not have to wait to move into the SEO Department’s queue to see results. Instead, they are given access to these tools from the start, as the department works in close collaboration with both the Content and Production Departments. According to Fortier, “SEO efforts are baked into the tools that the production department uses when they install every new site.”

Every client at DG gets access to a website designed with search engines in mind. As Google continues to update its algorithm to be more user-friendly, optimizing for search engines also means optimizing for a better user experience. This approach has allowed the SEO and Content departments to create high-quality sites for clients across all DG verticals, helping clients rank for their desired keywords and topics.

Projects, Services, and Products

The SEO Department created the production tools that create every DG client website. The department continuously works to improve DG’s existing processes and technologies to better serve clients. Other projects and services include: 

Content Ignition Packages (CIP)

The CIP concept contains tens of thousands of words of data-driven content, empowering clients to keep their site fresh in Google’s eyes.

Video Products

Quality videos boost rankings because they are considered helpful to the user, as well as establish the client as an authority on the topic.

Where SEO Goes From Here

Although the SEO Department has a hand in various services, there are other projects in the works. There is an upgrade to DG’s video products through the ongoing Video Enhancement Project. Another project is the Targeted Content Personalization project which will help combat any hits that the Google algorithm takes at DG clients within close proximity of one another. Typically, the algorithm strays away from ranking multiple clients from the same agency and in the same area; this project will work to solve this issue, allowing DG clients near each other to reap the benefits of our products and services.

Furthermore, the landscape of SEO is constantly changing because Google is always tweaking how it ranks search results. The department dedicates time and resources to keep up with these changes, updating its own approach to optimization and pivoting when necessary. According to Fortier, this is part of what makes SEO so compelling to work in, particularly at DG.

“There is no finish line. There is always something to work on and improve,” Fortier stated, encapsulating DG’s drive.

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