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November 14, 2022

Genius Series: Engineering Department

November 14, 2022

Operating behind the scenes at Doctor Genius, the Engineering department is responsible for much of DG and our clients’ sites. The Engineering department consists of two development teams working together to build and maintain our DG site, app, and all of our clients’ sites. In addition, the teams work alongside the QA team to ensure sites are bug-free and functioning properly. The Engineering teams consist of the Team Supervisor/Manager/Scrum Master, Product Owner, Lead Software Engineer/Lead Web Developer, Software Engineer/Web Developer, and Junior Software Engineer. 

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sam Olver, the Product Owner, and G.A. Sacramento, a Software Engineer and Web Developer, to delve deeper into the finer details of the Engineering department, what they do, and their role at Doctor Genius.

About the Engineering Department

The Engineering teams are responsible for much of DG’s internal and external systems. They design, build, test, maintain, improve, troubleshoot, and fix any issues that arise in the Doctor Genius software systems and web applications, such as the Admin Site, Portal Site, Connect Site, and Web APIs. The development teams also design, build, and maintain clients’ websites and applications.

The Engineering team creates an easy, comfortable, and stress-free experience for patients and clients, making it easier for other DG departments to fulfill their roles. The teams work side-by-side with the Quality Assurance (QA) team, which provides an extra layer of testing and ensures our applications are bug-free. In addition, the two development teams meet regularly to assess current developments and discuss new projects to implement based on the ever-changing market and overall goals of the company. 

The Engineering Process

The Engineering department runs through a specific process when developing or implementing an application or site. This process involves the following steps: Sprint Planning > Sprint (Actual Development) > Testing > Release.

  • Sprint Planning – All team members meet to define the upcoming work for the next Sprint. Sprints are back-to-back two-week increments that break up large project timelines into smaller, easier-to-manage portions.
  • Sprint – Once the Sprint starts, the development team implements agreed-upon requirements and criteria during Sprint planning.
  • Testing – After development, the new software undergoes testing to ensure that it meets all requirements.
  • Release – The software is released to the public to be used by our clients.

Engineering Products and Services

The primary services provided by the Engineering department include web development services, software applications, patient and client portals, DG software and portals, and feedback questionnaires. The software they build is a significant part of the product offerings that DG delivers to our clients. In addition, they provide customization tools for healthcare practices to help improve their online presence and enhance their patients’ experience. 

The Engineering team is the backend source for all other departments at Doctor Genius. They remain one of the most crucial components of the company since they provide custom and ongoing solutions to our clients’ needs. Along with developing and building the structure of the websites and applications, the engineering teams continually maintain and improve them for as long as a client remains with us.

Both teams strive to develop and maintain our Doctor Genius app that allows clients to review their performance marketing reports. These reports include lead inquiries, Google analytics, and keyword ranking results. The app allows clients to easily navigate through past and current generated reports. Along with that, clients can view historical trends, metrics, and improvements in a single dashboard. The development team continually monitors, maintains, and implements new enhancements to keep the DG app working smoothly and efficiently for our clients.

Exciting New Projects

The Engineering department has developed several updates for DG and our clients. The newest development by the department is the Patient Experience (PX) Package. The (PX) package is a patient-centered platform that allows providers to stay connected with their patients. It enhances the patient experience by simplifying communication and encouraging future interactions between providers and patients. In addition, the PX package allows clients to view and manage their appointments and review requests instantly. This new tool helps drive new patients to our clients’ practices as well as improve their engagement and retention.

The Engineering team has also developed a registration application for our clients. The Registration App walks clients through the registration process and allows them to enter their own information into the app, which will update our system with their data. This expedites client onboarding by easily gathering information instead of manually gathering their registration information over the phone, as was previously done.

Simply put, the Engineering department is the back and bones of Doctor Genius. They not only create, build, and design our sites but help keep our clients’ visual representation fresh, relevant, and easy on the eyes. They cater to patients, providers, and each member of our company, all while remaining behind the scenes.

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