The Importance of Brand Authenticity in Healthcare Marketing

November 21, 2022

Many people say that the healthcare industry has been the target of consumerization, but what exactly does that mean? In healthcare, there are more choices and options available to the consumers, who, in turn, are demanding and expecting more for their money and better quality as well. Only recently have those in the healthcare industry come to realize the full importance of brand development and patient marketing. Good branding is the foundation for attracting potential new patients and retaining the loyalty of current ones.

Move beyond the assumptions

With so many choices for consumers, establishing your brand as authentic and honest is vital to securing positive patient attention. Many healthcare options are for-profit organizations, a connotation that leaves patients assuming the worst in terms of excessive charges and overpriced services. From a medical PR standpoint, distancing your practice or organization from these assumptions means having a brand that clearly challenges the norms of for-profit operations. This calls for authenticity that withstands the sharpest scrutiny and exceeds expectations. For more on how to achieve this end, take a look at this article on healthcare marketing.

Understanding generational expectations

The millennial generation dominates the focus of the advertising industry and with good reason. The consumer habits of this generation are led by the need for brand authenticity. These individuals ask about the purpose of a brand and how the brand will positively impact their personal life. This leads to demands for trustworthiness and reliability. This approach has crept into the mindset of other generations, creating the need for brands that offer genuine value to the consumer both individually and as a collective whole.

Abandoning medical claims

In your efforts to become relevant and human, do not waste your time trying to build a brand solely through medical or marketing claims. Your claims may tell what services a patient can receive, but it says little about the patient experience that can be expected. Consumers do not relate to claims about efficiency or low prices, and any misrepresentation or failure to deliver on your published promise creates immediate disengagement. Your brand must offer an experience that is specifically different from the competition in the same category, which is often hard to do when you provide the same or similar medical services.

Focusing on the human side

Building your brand on medical claims can seem vague and inauthentic. It shows a lack of concern and attention to human values, prioritizing the product over the people. An audience that perceives little transparency will quickly assume that brand has little human value or honest, trustworthy solutions.

Turn your focus toward the human elements that create a unique, caring and open relationship between patient and provider. Adjust the tone, personality, language, speaking style, and expression of your posts. Be clear in where your healthcare brand stands with regard to a value proposition, and reach your audiences wherever they are by carefully choosing and utilizing media channels.

Make a change

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