The Importance of Providing Patient Education Through Your Website

December 15, 2022

When it comes to content marketing for doctors, using search engine optimization tools is a useful strategy for raising your website’s profile in online searches. One strategy to drive internet users to your site is providing patient education on your website, which not only offers valuable health information to current and potential patients, but also can attract more patients to your website, and ultimately to your clinic.

How does educational medical content benefit your patients as well as your site?

For the patient, having immediate access to medical information is not a mere convenience but has the ability to improve health outcomes, as research has shown that patients usually retain a minimal amount of health information that they receive. In addition, by maintaining a blog offering such content, you can help keep your website current with search engines. Thus, providing health content that can be easily accessed on computers, smartphones, and apps is mutually beneficial in that it can positively affect the health of your patients and the search engine placement of your website.

How can blogging keep my website current with search engines?

Blogging is a powerful tool that can engage patients and promote your brand. Knowing how to blog successfully using the following strategies can help optimize your website on search engines.

Write high-quality content

Blogs that provide health information in a clear, concise, and understandable format inform patients and keep them returning to your site. Your patients can recognize your blog content as being credible and easily navigable.

Use popular keywords

Patients regularly browse health information on their devices, and they do so by searching key terms about medical conditions. When you publish web content using the most-searched-for key terms, search engines optimize your blogs that use these keywords, leading patients to your website.

Encourage registration

On each blog page, give readers the opportunity to sign up to receive relevant health content in email. A brief signup form, along with a list of the types of health information that they can select, allows you to target patients with content that interests them.

Ask for reviews

On each blog page, ask readers if the information they read is helpful. Then provide a link asking them to review the information on well-known search engines. Consistent positive reviews can get the attention of other online users and drive them to your site.

Promote your blogs on social media

If your practice does not have a strong social media presence, one way to broaden it is to link to your blog on social media sites. Post on social media whenever you publish or update content, and ask users to share it with their followers.

How can I learn more about optimizing my website?

The online landscape is vast and continually growing, and doctors need to employ all the marketing tools available. Doctor Genius has a wealth of digital marketing tools that can help you distinguish yourself from the competition. Call us today to learn how we can help raise your clinic’s online profile.

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