A Beginners Guide for Doctors About Reading Google Analytics

December 22, 2022

As you try to manage SEO and online marketing for your practice, Google Analytics is an extremely valuable tool. It can give you detailed information about the efficiency of your marketing campaigns as well as demographics on-site visitors. However, with so much data available, it can be overwhelming to decipher which stats are most relevant for your practice. Find out more about which information you should look at when using this tool.

Top Google Analytics reports to use

Take advantage of the data Google provides to help attract more visitors to your site and encourage conversion. According to Forbes, both large and small businesses can benefit from using the following information. 

Page views

Which pages attract the most visitors? Which one has the highest exit percentage? Pages with a high bounce rate most likely need to be completely redone or even removed. If you can decipher a common thread between the most frequently visited pages, you can use that information to redesign pages with a higher exit percentage. 

Audience overview

The dashboard with this information can tell you everything from the average pages viewed per session and number of unique users to the number of sessions per hour and average duration per session. You can combine this information with the other data provided by this page to get an accurate picture of who is visiting your site and why. The following are examples of data you can use to make your site more appealing to your target audience:

  • Geo – Are most of your site visitors local? Are you getting a large number of hits from surrounding areas?
  • Technology – Do most visitors access your site on a desktop computer or mobile device? 
  • Interests – What type of music do your visitors listen to? What foods do they like to eat? Do they have hobbies? 
  • Behavior – How did visitors reach your site? Is there a common page or type of page that leads them to your website?

Users flow

Information from this section can tell you which campaign or keyword brought visitors to your site. This is critical information because it lets you know which campaigns are most successful and which keywords strike a chord with your target audience. In some cases, it could be the opposite of what you thought.


How do visitors find your site? If they search for a term in a search engine and your site pops up, this is called an organic search. Other people find your site through social media. If you have links on other sites that people use to get to your site, it is known as a referral. Direct acquisition happens when someone types your site name into a browser. How are you getting site traffic?

Target your audience with customized marketing

The more you know about your site visitors compared to your target audience, the easier it will be for you to build campaigns that appeal to the right people. At Doctor Genius, we know the value of both effective marketing strategies and information. Talk to us today to learn more about our marketing solutions, including content marketing, digital advertising, and online reputation. We can customize a program to help your marketing campaigns get the results you want. 

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