Is Your Website Not Drawing New Patients? Try These Things

December 26, 2022

Having a website for your practice is essential for retaining current patients and attracting new ones. Nowadays when patients have so many medical websites to choose from, it is important to know the best practices for drawing patients to your site and providing a satisfying user experience once they visit it.

Even if your site utilizes search engine optimization, it can still be challenging to stand out from the competition. However, there are steps that you can take to improve your site and bring it beyond the basic required content such as contact information, hours of operation, and services provided. Medical practices should look into using a series of strategies that are proven to increase traffic to health-related sites.

What strategies are recommended for a medical practice website?

Understanding how to use the following strategies can help your website stand out among the competition. Employing several of these tactics together is even more likely to yield results.

Medical search engine optimization

It is well known that search engine optimization is critical for driving patients to your site. Using medical SEO, which is optimization for businesses in the healthcare industry, helps online users find your site. This special type of optimization uses key medical words, extensive content, attractive visuals, social media, and location elements to raise a site’s ranking in search results and draw in site visitors.

Regular blogging

Another way to optimize your website in online searches is to add new content by regularly blogging. Many practitioners underestimate the power of blogging about medical conditions, but publishing short articles about various illnesses, diseases, therapies, and treatments can be critical for driving information-seekers to your website. It also encourages them to continue to visit your site in the future to obtain information specific to their needs, and may eventually lead to booking appointments as patients.

Patient lead generation

Employing patient lead generation strategies can help connect patients seeking specific services to your site. This technique involves targeting specific groups with the services they seek at the time that they seek them. Your site can generate leads by publishing patient-centered newsletters and offering live-streamed videos about different health topics.

Easy navigation

Once visitors find your site, they need to be able to easily navigate it. Having a clean layout, a well-placed navigation menu, legible font, and appealing images encourages site visitors to spend more time exploring the page. Especially if you are not familiar with HTML and site design, consider employing the services of a user experience designer, whose job is to make a website user-friendly, accessible, and interactive.

How can I learn more about attracting new patients to my website?

Having a website that can successfully compete with other offices can seem like a difficult task. However, you can significantly increase the number of patients who visit your practice’s website if you take advantage of the numerous tools available. Doctor Genius is here and ready to assist you in all of your online marketing needs. To learn more, call us today. We are ready to help!

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