Buying Backlinks: Another SEO Shortcut Not to Take

December 29, 2022

A strong digital marketing strategy should have an emphasis on SEO, but you should avoid tactics that can end up costing you even more, such as spending money buying backlinks. Inbound or incoming links are important for building your company’s rankings, but these need to be developed organically and strategically. A backlink draws connections between web resources to a website or web page and can be instrumental in driving traffic to your site. However, paying for these backlinks can be considered a violation of Google’s webmaster policies and cost your website crucial ranking status.

Violating the rules

Some business owners and SEO marketers still use paid link-building strategies to improve their rankings and web traffic, but it is considered a serious offense to Google and many who work in online marketing. This shortcut in building medical SEO can lead to severe penalties from Google, depending on which offense you commit.


Google has a set of published guidelines concerning the buying or selling of links. According to the page covering link schemes in the Webmaster Guidelines, any links that are used in an attempt to manipulate the way a site or page will rank during a search could be considered a violation of the guidelines and the user could be penalized for the offense. Manipulative and unnatural are key factors in determining bad links or violations.

Google likes to see organic linking, and anything that looks artificial could draw a red flag. Google may investigate the links, and if the review staff are not satisfied with the information, they could give a penalty or take your listing off of the Google index. Manual penalties may be handed down by a member of Google’s webspam team, while Google’s algorithm could flag a link send an automatic penalty. Penalties can cause the organic visibility of your website to drop considerably and rapidly, potentially to several dozen pages down in the rankings. This creates an advantage for any of your competitors.

Doing it the right way

Rather than moving into the murky waters of paying for linked content, you can grow your backlinks in productive, organic ways. These techniques can help increase your medical SEO and enhance web traffic to your site.

Become a reputable source

To establish your credibility as a provider and to rank higher on the first page of Google, become a source for bloggers or reporters. Through their content, you can build quality whitehat backlinks to your site.

Use specialized types of content

There are content types that generally have better performance, such as infographics, list posts, videos, “how-to” posts, and “why posts.” List posts tend to have the strongest performance, so craft your blog posts or articles toward this end or one of the other high-results formats.

Relying on the professionals

Doctor Genius does not use shortcuts to building your online presence, and you should not either. Rather than worry about getting slapped with penalties, let the team at Doctor Genius craft a unique approach to your digital presence and work to organically increase your SEO and site traffic. Talk to one of our trained staff members today.

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